Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I present to you...............................................................................

But wait, what was that?  OHHHHHHH, you wanted to see it UNFOLDED??  Why didn't you say so???  Without further delay and ado and procrastination, here is.......

But before I show you, I want to tell you how much I really love how this afghan turned out.  Every time I see it, I kind of squeal inside (yes, squeal) and go, "It's so gorgeous, it makes me happy!"  And--

Oh, what's that?  

Hurry UP?!

WELL!  Just be that way then!  



There's it all laid out.  Here's it with special effects:

Oohh, Black and White Focal Point!  :P  More pictures?

Here you go, and that's all you're going to get now!  

Anyway, about the afghan (which is being called Amzi's Garden at this point) ::  I really love how the edging worked out, with the rows of pink, yellow, etc.  The Small People call them "Polka Dots" and I call it (much more sophisticatedly) "Stained Glass."  And those just result from the ordinary Granny Square technique!  Is it Awesome, or Is. It. Awesome??

Aaaaaaaand here are the Leftovers ::
Shock of shocks, because I usually don't buy enough yarn, and end up frantically trying to make it last out through another row.  So, having Remnants is a new business for me!  *feels special*

The blanket lives on my bed now, and was very nice and warm last night in the chilly bits (which there were, because I'm wussy sometimes) and hace juego [[goes with]] with my comforter very nicely.  

How about some *gasp* NUMBERS?  

  • Weight :: A Whopping 2.5 lbs!  
  • Dimensions :: About 50 inches by 60 inches, which passes the Blanket Test, which is as follows:  *checklist* Blanket must be 1) Wide enough to spread sideways over several laps and still reach the feet of the Big People, 2) Long enough to cover a person lengthwise in bed when it's cold out, 3) Wide enough to reach the ground/bed on either side when lying with knees upright in Book-Reading Position.
  • Yarn :: Lionbrand Homespun Yarn (*gasp* BOUGHT back in this post)
  • Hook :: Size K US
  • Time ::  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Several episodes of American Idol?  *cheesy grin*
  • Satisfaction ::  100% :)
So There You Have It!  Before I leave you, here's a picture, involving that jar from that post.  This is the "fingerprint" of the blanket :: that is, the clippings from all the darned ends, arranged neatly in a rainbow order by Yours Truly who is in love with the rainbow order.

I have a fun idea for tomorroz [[Amziism :: tomorrow, misspelled on purpose, also see todaz]] post, so come back soon!  

AMZi x x x x x


  1. Professor of RobinhoodologyMarch 3, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    That didn't take too long! It IS gorgeous! I like the deep blue.

  2. Wow, GORGEOUS blanket! It's stunning! And they totally do look like polka dots, I love how you can get different effects using dark and bright yarn just in normal granny square patterns.xxxxxxx

    It's so COLORFUL!! I want to touch it. :)



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