Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello, Welcome to Happiness...

A little math homework for ya:


  • H = Hard day
  • A = A cup of tea
  • P = Peacefulness
  • I = Inexorable sunshine
  • N = New music
  • E = Easy homework load
  • S = Sweet Clementine orange

[(H)(A) + (P)^2 + (I)(N)(E) + (S)^2)] = HAPPINESS^1000

But mathematically, you ask, how is it possible to get Happiness to the thousandth power?

Because, my friends, it's an obvious postulate of life that when it comes to Happiness, the Whole is always Greater than the Sum of its Parts.
w > Ep  
4M21 x^5
[[AMZi x x x x x]]

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  1. Thank you so much for popping over to say hello on my blog. It was lovely to find your comment and I am glad you like it! I was never that hot at Maths but I particularly like your equations which make me simultaneously happy and relieved.
    Kindest Regards Linda


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