Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Trip

Ayi, I know it's been forever... *insert eloquent apology type stuff*  Life is crazy now.  I'm graduating early, which means everything I was going to do next year I need to do this year.  Luckily (except I don't believe in luck) I've got my applications in to my two colleges and I've already been accepted to Covenant, which is nice. :)  Speaking OF, the pictures in this post are from a trip to Cov last weekend, but pretty much none of them are actually OF Cov itself (I got those when I went in August).  Mainly Chattanooga and some sunrise stuff from the overlook on the mountain. :)  The ship picture is of the Nina and Pinta replicas that sailed up the TN River and docked just before we were going down to the waterfront!

Lots of essays to write, so I'm glad I've got an early start thinking about them.  That's the most time-consuming part of the writing process for me, allowed a concept to roll around in my head for a couple weeks.  The writing itself I can get done in about half an hour, revision likewise, it's getting the POINT that I want to make that take some "fermenting" time.

 Aaand school is a handful, as always...  Between missing class from PSAT and trips, coming home and catching up, taking tests, and trying to get AHEAD so that I won't die come November when I take yet ANOTHER trip... Yeah, basically I just open a book and go until I can't go anymore and then open another book... :P

Not to sound like I'm complaining...well, not TOO much. :P  I still have a lot of fun. My calc class is great, and my physics class, though slow, is pretty darn awesome.  I mean, experiments with Nerf guns and an air-powered rocket launcher?  And I have amazing friends who make things better.  And I also have a ton of homework I should be doing right now, so off I go!

AMZi x x x x x

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