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Hey y'all!  This is a reaaaaaal simple idear of a pattern, and easily customizable to any phone/gadget size.  I like it best worked up in a silkier, slender-er yarn than normal, but hey, whatever works.  Seems like with a lot of my patterns, it's try and frog until you get something you like.  Preferably with less frogging.  :)  So here we go!

Supplies ::
  • Yarn :: 
    • A decent amount of the color you want.  I used a slightly smaller Worsted Weight.  
    • A little contrasting yarn, for the button or in this case, flower
  • Hook :: A US G works great -- 4.25mm
  • Phone :: (sorry, not included :P!)
Step The First :: Make a slip knot and put it on your hook's head.  Now chain some.  Chain until you have a length that's as long as the short/bottom side of your phone.  Chain one more.

Step The Second ::  You're going to sc into the 2nd chain from the hook, but not the normal way.  You see how a chain stitch forms a < ?  Just go into the top leg of that <, as shown in the picture above.  Sc into just that one side, and keep going like that to the end of the chain.  In the last chain space, sc three, and DON'T TURN.  

Step The Third :: It's like you made a line, and now you're going to draw a coil around it, instead of zig-zagging like normal.  You'll continue around the end of the chain line, but sc-ing into the BOTTOM leg of the < now.  See picture below :: hope this is making some sense!

Do you see?  Those sc upside down on the bottom edge are the ones you just made before "turning the corner."  Keep going all the way across, sc-ing into just that one side of the <, and sc-ing two extra times in the last chain space.  

Step The Fourth :: Now you start thinking of it as an oval, like a round, but stretched out.  You just keep working sc around and around and around and around, and it will form a pocket-like thing.  The nice thing about this is, there's no stitching up to do afterward!  Crochet is forgiving, and it will stretch long ways or sideways, as the need arises.  As you crochet to make the pocket longer, try it on the phone often, to make sure it's fitting, and so you can see how long you need to make it.  

Step The Fifth :: When your pocket fits on the phone nicely, and is long enough to be flush with the top edge of the phone, flatten it out.  It will do this naturally, because we started with an oval instead of a circle.  Work the last sc row halfway around the oval, and then halfway across the other side.  You'll be in the middle the rim of one side of the pocket.  Chain 8 or 10 stitches, which forms a loop.  Sc in the next space, and finish the row.  Finish off and darn in ends.  

Step The Sixth :: Now all you have to do is make a buttony thing to hold the loop in place across the opening of the pocket (see below picture).  I used a flower, following Attic 24's directions.  Or you could use my yarn buttons.  Then just attach it to the front side of the case, and you're finished!  Ta da!  

I hope this hasn't been too difficult to understand.  I'm not a cut-and-dried pattern person, so I apologize.  Just work with it until it feels right. None of this is set in stone.  I hope you enjoy it!

AMZi x x x x x
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