Monday, March 29, 2010

The Stories...

The Pictures on the Camera Tell ::

7:33 am :: Notice how the red sunrise reflects on the bark of the tree.  Slam up the sash and screen, snap pictures.  Click!  Click!  Click!

7:36 am :: Notice the buds.  Click!

8:37am :: Start fiddling with a new pattern idea before dashing out.  

4:20pm :: The tail end of my afternoon as I come home.  Click!

4:34pm :: Ooh, look, my shoes!  Love these shoes!  Click!

4:38pm :: Finish little project (well, finish two of them actually)  Click!  Click!  Click!  Click!

4:50pm :: Favorite seaglass and pebbles migrate over the windowsill into the sunshine.  Click! Click!

5:15pm :: Notice buds again.  Click!  Click!  Click!

And a little story....  Setting :: Dinner Table

El hermano :: Look, my broccoli all fell out of the middle and into the butter.

Me ::  Ew.  That is absolutely repulsive.

La hermana :: You say that all the time.  "Absolutely repulsive!"  

El hermano :: And "slightly repulsive."

Me :: *smugly*  It is so often applicable.

El padre :: *SMIRK*

AMZi x x x x x 

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