Friday, November 12, 2010


I took a few quick pictures just cause. It's raining out, and it was chillier this morning.  So I needed these. :)

Easiest thing ever, I pretty much just chained about 20 (that'll vary depending on size of hand/hook/yarn--a chain that goes around the wides part of your knuckles rather tightly should work) joined it in a ring, and crocheted around and around forever.  When I reached the point I wanted the gap for the thumb, I just stopped, turned the work, crocheted around, stopped one stitch short, turned again, crocheted around, chained, and skipped across the gap, thereby closing it in a sort of box.  Finished going around and around as long as I wanted, cut yarn and tied off.  Then I went back and crocheted a few rows in a circle around the thumb-gap, making a sort of tube...  all in all very simple and not really worth a post but oh well. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Alive

In a manner of speaking... :P :)

Lotsa stuff has gone on, I've been down to TN again to see Union University more thoroughly, and come away very (unfortunately) impressed!  Means I have options.  I hate options!  I'm the kind of person who sees something that's just fine and wants to latch onto it.  I can just see myself buying a house... *walks in* "This looks fine! Where do we sign?" Poor Unsuspecting Companion: "Whoa, whoa, can we get out of the hallway first??"

And I just looked at the clock and it said 12:12pm.  I like these sorts of thing.  Unfortunately I was driving at 11:11am on Nov. 11, but I've still got 11:11pm tonight (shhhhh, don't tell anyone I stay up that late!) and it doesn't matter as I've got my thoughts all day.  :)

So anyways, can you tell I'm not easily distracted AT ALL... *not!*

Some more crafty updates, AT LONG LAST!  And a bit of a rip off as it is, sorry, since I don't have any pictures yet.  I'm anti-coats as a rule, it'll have to get down to the single digits for me to wear them regularly, but I must say it's not what you'd call "pleasant" to go out to the car at 7 in the morning and freeze my fingers off.  And I'm anti-gloves because they annoy me.  So anyways, I ended up crocheting some wristwarmer things to avoid frostbite in the mornings.

So anyways, can you tell I'm not dramatic or exaggerating AT ALL... *not!*

Pictures of those might come eventually whenever I'm un-lazy enough to go out to the car and get them...

Meanwhile, I bought something and I received it yesterday. :)  Nice to come home from work to a package!  While I was at Union, I met Rachel Carbonell, who makes hair accessory type things with her sister. See their etsy shop!  I was like, heck! I'll buy somethin'!  So I did. :)  And since my hair was already up when I got home, I just pulled out the flower I was wearing and clipped this in all ad-libbed like that. :P

So anyways, golly do I feel all domestic and female now... Hmmm.  I think a rubber band sneak attack is needed to re-establish my non-girliness. :P :)

.... *zing!* OUCH!  Me:  *evil laugh*

Well, duty calls, physics in particular, only slightly drowning out the yells of my calculus saying I ought to be studying for tomoz... off I go!

AMZi x x x x x

// he was one of us / he was just like us / but he loved this country enough to leave it / to go to blood and dirt and pain and keep believing / he was one of us / saving all of us / for God and country / i will proudly stand / giving everything / to defend this land / for Christ and kingdom / honor and freedom / i will take my place / no i'm not afraid //
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