Friday, March 5, 2010

Care for a Spot of Sunshine?

Hey y'all!

Not much going on around here today besides work and ordinary little this:n:thats.  I wasn't actually planning on fitting in a blog post today at all, but...then I took some photos of the sunshiny goodness coming in at the window, and found myself loitering about.  And we CAN'T have loitering, can we?  Never!

Ahhh, shineeeeeeeee, yes?  I love how blinds (though I dislike blinds themselves) make those slats of light on everything.  I wish you could see how really bright and yellow everything is--the picture really doesn't do it justice!

Look!!!  It's a piano made of light!  *goes to play on it*  Well, harpsichord actually, I guess.  Because, doncha know, harpsichords had black and white keys, instead of white and black keys, if you get my drift....

I enjoy foolin' around with macro focus and suchlike :: can't you tell already?  And the neck of a guitar just so throws itself before the camera, such a ham, you know!

So last night I had my first go back at Tae Kwon Do after oh, say, at least six years, with only pilates in between to keep me in shape.  I should say, "In Shape."  With very BIG inverted commas!  I started fainting after about 40 minutes, where I got lightheaded and chilled and started losing my sight.  But after a little water and sitting still for a few minutes, I was able to head back out there and finish the class.  I probably should have eaten DINNER before I went (Naww, ya think?) and that's what I blame for it.  At any rate, I can't wait to go back again.  It's all coming back, slow but sure, and very timid. :)

Anyhoo, have a nice weekend with lots of sunshine (imaginary at the least) and possibly some laughter if you can at all manage it.  :)

AMZi x x x x x


  1. I love the piano of light!! *plays Griffes* :)
    Lovely pictures!

    Pippin :)

  2. Well I am glad you did find the time to blog and I am glad the sun is shining so beautifully in your bit of world
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. *huggleglomp* I'm ever so happy you're coming to my Taekwondo studio naow!! *loud obnoxious squeeing commences* Yaay!


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