Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay, I Lied.

More pictures!  I'm addicted to this photography business!  Anyhow, (hopefully) a quick-ish post today before I dash out.  Just a few things, mainly crochet-related, needing sharing. :)

I am in a crochetery phase at present.  I do knit, and enjoy it immensely (will have to put up pics of my knitted lobster, Cid, sometime) but I remain loyal to the Banner of Hooking!  I learned crochet first, for one thing, when I was about 7, and that does a lot to bias you, apparently. But I do think crochet has some advantages over knitting.  Faster (at least for me), easier to put down and pick back up (without losing a dozen stitches), easier to correct mistakes, and the general work-as-you-go, see-as-you-go nature.  I create with crochet.  With knitting, I follow patterns and hope it'll come out in the end!  When I crochet, I call it "sculpting," because as I go, I can see where I am, and adjust accordingly.  When I make a change, the results are almost immediately visible.  Makes it a lot easier, when I'm doing wonky shapes such as teapots and teacups and various food items.  (Yes, I crochet food.  Not my fault!  I needed it to go with the crochet teaset that I made!  Want to see pics of that?  Just holler and I'll do a page on the Stringy Foodstuffs.)

Hmmm, that sounded like a spiel.  Now that I've bored you to sleep, let's put some pictures up that might make up for it.  Or at least lessen my deficit!
First off, here's the status of those icicles from yesterday.  We've had pretty full-on sun, but they're clinging tenaciously!  I want them to go away!  Get warm!  Get green!  Grow leaves, twig!  But they are pretty while they're here.

Anyhow, I promised crochet.  And while the granny squares have been bumped off to the side (waiting to go get more yarn) I have some little projects.  It's the month of birthdays here: two Small People and one Big Person have birthdays in quick succession.  Presents?

That bit of blue in the corner is actually the edge of the OTHER Small Person's slipper, but that one's knitting.  What you DON'T see in this picture is said Small Person walking into the room without knocking, and me scrambling to shove everything behind me under the bed before they look!!  Timing, timing....

Want to see something horrendous?  Of course you do!
Ouch!  Isn't it frightful?  I love the granny squares, obviously, but what a color!  And look at that collar, and those cuffs!  This is from an old little pattern booklet, full of these outdated pictures.  Here's a granny shawl:
Meeehhh.  I'm not so into fringes.  A few tassels, I can handle, but on a garment?  Ah well.  Something to be said for the little booklet, because I THINK there's a gem in here.
I love it.  Granny squares.  Nine patch.  Green, too!  Is it not the sweetest?  Or maybe I'm just weird... :)

Also got to look through an ancient book of doily patterns.  I love doilies, and have made many (will show you those too sometime), but some of those just didn't cut it in my eyes.  I like Old Things a lot, but they have to be a certain type, a certain feel.  Ah well.  I think I prefer taking the Old Things, and the Old techniques, but making something fresher and newer and less...frumpy?  Maybe that's the word.  Ah well.  Still like the bag. :P

Last but not least, here's a few pictures of this lovely old jar I just acquired!  I love jars, of all sizes, types, you name it.  Get this--You can put things in them!!  Can you beat it???  Ah well.  Wanna see?

But that's not all!  Nooooo, look!!!

An old old old sticker!  In such nice shape!  It's SO lovely!  Sorry if you don't share me love of jars and them old label bits, but you have to admit, receiving the price of this jar of whatever-it-was in Purple Ink is pretty dang awesome.  What?  You say it isn't?  It's just strange?  Lame?  Psshhh.  *fingers in ears*

Loving how *gasp* BLOGGING has made  me keep a weather eye out for lovely things.  Makes my days so much nicer to be noticing all of these things.  So much harder to get mad and crabby...and tea helps when all else fails. :)

I didn't say Hello properly, but I'll say Goodbye!



  1. Well, Amzi, if you are weird then so am I cos I really lime the bag too, especially the green. I am going through a very green phase at the moment. I also love the pic of the icicles today. Love how they look like they are streaked with gold.
    Enjoying your blog, keep up the good work x

  2. I too have what I call a glass fetish. I sometimes buy things just because of the jar it comes in. I love old bluish ball jars. I love the old and the new.


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