Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Distance Post

Estoy aqui, posting from The Placed Where You Try To Fake-Kill People...  Aka Tae Kwon Do.  Actually, I did TKD many years ago, until I was only two belts below my black belt.  Then, Circumstances Beyond My Control occurred (They generally do) and I had to quit.  Sadness.  So now, yeaaaaaaars later, I HAVE RETURNED!

Fear me.  I can see you quivering. :P

This would not be a good time to reveal that I almost fainted the first three times I went...came.  Here.  I have my excuses--absolute focus during the years in between on the core muscles and the core muscles alone...anemia, not cool...very low blood pressure anyway.  Fainting is not really an uncommon occurrence for me...just going up and down the stairs at rapid speed or standing up can make my head spin.  It's the change of altitude or something! :)

But I do not faint anymore, rather I enjoy myself. although I may not be doing it much longer.  So hard to fit it in the schedule.  Too bad, yes?

And a word on the weather, though I haven't any pictures today (I'm giving the LGM a day off, and besides I'm in the middle of a project).  Flat.  Out.  Gorgeous.  In Kansas, we don't have four seasons.  We have two, maybe three, if we're really lucky roundabout October.  We go from 30 degree ice and snow (remember this??) to about three or four really nice spring-type days.  60 degrees, sunshine, little white fluffy clouds, the whole shabang... and then WHAM!  Straight. Into. Summer.  And no joke.  After those three or four days, you have 80, 83, 87 degree, full sun, everything exploding into bloom.  I kid you not.  It's outrageous.

Bring on the tornadoes.  Hahaha.
AMZi x x x x

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