Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Afternoon

Ahhhh.  That is a long and happy sigh after rushing around for several hours just to be able to sit down now and have some time to myself.

The sun finally decided to show, and I managed to get the LGM outside to get some pictures of the maples, which have burst into bloom.  Maple blooms are so silly and frivolous for temperate-climate trees....  *big grin*

I have no idea what these are... they remind me of something called "Hens 'N' Chicks" from way back when, but I'm not sure.  I love their fat thick leaves :: they must be succulents :: and how they catch the raindrops!  

The Grass is so Green...

And the Sky is so Blue..

And this Wall was so Wallish...  Yeaaaaaaaah. :P

So then the Hooligans cleared out and I had the house to myself for a lovely two sunny hours.  I made a hot lemon and honey, because my usual strong black tea seems a little oppressive in this light weather.  I suppose a dash of milk and a sweetener would fix that, but I'm really a solid-black-tea person, not putting extra bits in.  Anyhow, I settled in with the Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Mis, and some bright green Yarny Stuffs.

This was me at the Set-Out, thinking, this ain't half bad!  Sunny windowseat, crochetery, scalding hot stuff in a mug... yessss.  Hence the happy sigh at the top of this post. :)  I'm a girl who really requires her down time.  And then I use that down time very carefully, in activities that I plan out ahead of time so as to have the joy of anticipating them.  Anticipation's really half the fun, or maybe even three quarters of it.  I've always done a lot of it.  Might call it day-dreaming, as things hardly ever turn out quite as nice as I anticipated... :P  

But then someone will usually walk in on me while I'm doing something Down-Time-Ish and Very Carefully Planned and Very Muchly Anticipated, and they will say, "Boy, I think you have too much time on your hands!"  

As a matter of fact, NO, I do not.  I have enough work to fill a whole day.  I just choose to dash about madly getting it all done in a timely fashion, so as to have a nice chunk of Down Time to myself.  I like a whole hour of time rather than wasting five minutes out of each hour.  It's as simple as that.  And these same people somehow find the time to play video games, or watch sports on TV, or whatever.  Everyone makes time for things they love.  That's all I'm doing, and if it seems strange or silly, well, Live With It!

All of this Rumination later...  We reach the Halfway Point ::

This is me wondering if I will have enough yarn.  I never really do, you know?

And these people can't understand that I like my time quiet and undisturbed, to myself, and uninterrupted.  Alone.  Yes, what a nice word.  Of COURSE I enjoy other people's company, but in small chunks.  And I'm no antisocial hermit :: most of my friends tell me they'd never guess I was such an extreme introvert.  But there it is :: the I word.  I pull off a wild-and-crazy, entertainer, joker personality with my friends, and that's definitely a part of me, the Entertainer.  I make people laugh, and I'm happy with that.  But after about an hour or two, or more if I'm slap-happy, it wears off.  I start looking out of windows more.  I start listening more than I'm talking.  I start becoming the Observer rather than the Entertainer.  And the later it gets, the more serious the topics of discussion become.... Kind of funny, actually.  :)  I can break out of my shell, and it's not difficult or unpleasant, but I will say it's not quite as pleasant as having a few minutes quietly to myself being Happy.  

And during all of this, we have been stuffing and finish off and weaving in ends and.... Ta da! 

A perfectly Spherical crochet ball!  So pathetically Silly and pointless, but so worth it!  It's GREEN!  And it's ROUND!  And we've had a proper Think with ourselves during, so it's not completely a waste of time. :)

But now... I'm looking around... and I feel a massive tidy coming over me!  

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning Disorder... Bother!!
AMZi x x x x x

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  1. Ooh, I like the green ball! :D

    Working on that scheduled and carefully meditated down time myself...currently I'm more likely to waste 5 minutes in an hour. Hoping to fix that! :)


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