Sunday, March 28, 2010


Guess what I just heard??  The wonderful sound of the neighbor's crotchety and asthmatic weedwacker!  THIS is how I know summer is coming!  But let't not get too ahead of ourselves... Spring first.  ACK!  THE SUN'S OUT!  *races off*

*drags. self. back*  Sit!  Good girl.  Write!

Have I mentioned how I live for Sundays?  Even in spite of some gloom, some icky feelings (sub tempestas) some slight bantering ridicule (really, how long will it take to get used to, honestly) the day just might shape itself up.  Sunshine is good.  Yes.

I started crocheting some little hearts last night, and this morning had some early-morning stringing sessions before church.  The blinds at the kitchen table let in slats of light :: so cool!

A tutorial will be appearing in short order for these little hearts, just in case anybody wants to give them a go.  They're pretty simple, though I just can't seem to buckle myself down to a lateral back-and-forth or even round-and-round project.  I always have to be turning and crocheting across places where crochetery doesn't usually go, and flipping and picoting, and generally breaking rules.  Ah well.  The tutorial will be rather more in depth than usual, with pictures step-by-step.  Hope it helps.

I'm going to go sit in some grass!  :)
AMZi x x x x x

PS :: Happy Palm Sunday.  Go sing a really good old hymn, like "Oh God Beyond All Praising."  While we're sitting in the grass.  And maybe doing some small and colorful Crochetery.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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