Sunday, March 21, 2010

Corners...Rounds Three And Four!

Thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen!  We will now return to your scheduled programming...

Corner Numero Tres ::

This is my nightstand.  It contains a lamp, a clock, a vase, and a trivet from Turkey.

The interesting part is the vase (which is short and GREEEEEN!) and what it contains :: namely, two crocheted daffodils designed and made by Yours Truly.  Desafortunadamente, I do not have patterns for these, as they were made "by ear" as I went along.  I particularly like the white one, whose petals are reinforced by very thin brass wire on the back side.  They are supported by GREEEN! pipe cleaner stems until further notice....

Corner The Fourth ::

HAHAHA HA!  I tricked you!  That is no corner, it is only a lovely teapot with lupines (LUPINES!) painted on it!  Here is the real corner ::

This one contains a watermelon teapot and two blown-glass sculptures.  One is a frog prince and the other is a bird.  They were made by a marble company nearby.

Thank you for riding amAMZIng! Express!  We have now arrived at the end of our tour.  Please keep all arms, legs, heads, noses, tongues, and ears INSIDE the car until the ride comes to a COMPLETE stop!  Thank you!

AMZi x x x x x

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