Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slipping In The Back Door....

*creep creep creep*  Shhhhhh!  OH!  *cheesy grin*  Hello!  What do you mean I'm late?  Me? I'm not sneaking in!  Never!  I was just walking...uh...with my...toes.  Yeah.  You say I'm late?  Me? Late?  Noooo!

*shuffles feet*  Okay, okay, yes, I missed TWO DAYS without any semblance of warning.  I don't suppose a heartfelt apology and a ream of spring-ish pictures would help?  It wouldn't?

Well, GOOD, because my computer ATE THEM!  Grrrrrrrrrr!  Me and technology, we don't get along so well.   However, score one for me, because I got my camera!  This is technology I can handle!  Isn't it shiineeeeeeeeee?!  And it takes nice pictures, too!  12.1 megapixels, 4x optical zoom, and image stabilizer!  Which really good, because you may have noticed I can't take any remotely clear pictures without a tripod.  This one make 4 out of 5 shots perfect!  Can you tell I'm excited?  Really?

One of the first things I did when I got it was finish up the camera bag I had started for it expressly...  And here is the finished product!

It turned out so nice and stripey!!  Although I still can't get short stripes (as in the strap) to work well.  How to dispose of the ends properly??  Very bothersome.

There wasn't anything picture-worthy when I first got my talons on the Little Green Machinery, but I took this picture.  And then yesterday, I took lots of LOVERLY pictures, including the new stats on the daff shoots, the freshly blooming periwinkles, and several gorgeous shots of a liberated Pink Balloon floating off into the sky.  It was a marvelous afternoon yesterday, balmy and sunny, and I spent it outside with a really BIG book (The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay again).  But then, my Evil Computer decided to eat them, and they are lost forever!  Sob!

It must be a conspiracy, because guess what?  I cannot in any way, shape, or form, recover or re-take these pictures...  See below picture for evidence ::

AUGH!  The irony!  One minute, it's 60 degrees and sunny... an hour later, it's 40 degrees and windy, cloudly, blizzardy!!!  Wake up to about 4 inches of SNOW!  (I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!)  And it's STILL going strong!

Spring :: Whoopsie!  False start!  Fifteen yard penalty!  See y'all later!

Me :: Blarrrrrrrrgh.

I so thought we were done with the icicle pictures this year! Ah well...

I'm off to try and salvage what's left of a positively shot-through weekend.  At least for a half hour or so...
AMZi x x x x x


  1. We ARE in Kansas. Kansas can't ever decide what weather it wants, ya know. (Reason we have tornadoes!)

    Glad you got the camera! :)

  2. If its any consolation Sunny Spain is very very wet and cold!
    Andrew Lloyd Webber is looking for the next Dorothy and I seem to remember she hails from Kansas so I will think of you if I watch it --- which actually is quite doubtful so I will think of you anyway and hope the sun comes out on your backyard very soon
    Kindest Regards Linda


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