Monday, March 8, 2010


Monstrous good weather we're having lately!  It started Friday, soaring into the 50s, sunshine and everything.  Only I had to be cooped up indoors pretty much all Saturday, except when I escaped.  Which I did rather often.  But yesterday there were Outdoor Things to be done, like scouring out the garage and hijacking scooters and bicycles and Ripsticks.  :)  And traipsing around with a camera in hand, Discovering Things.

Things, you ask?  What Things exactly?  Weeeeeellllll........  Like This :: :: :: ::

Spring has... one might say, SPRUNG, if one was so inclined.  I am so inclined.  I am very muchly inclined to say that very loudly.  It's been a loooooooong time in coming :: Can't say as I remember such a long and cold and snowy winter for our area.  I remember the days of 60-degree days in January, full sunshine, going mountain biking in short sleeves!  Not so this year!  So much for global warming! :P

And I've searched and searched and searched, but I can't get a particular book from the library.  I saw it on Tabiboo and it reminded me that I wanted to crochet an alphabet.  Alas and alack, there is some conspiracy by the Evil Anti-Crochet Baddies and I can't get it from my library.  :(  And I can't find patterns like that anywhere on Google.  Which might be due to my un-tech-savvy-ness, but there you have it.  SO, Amzi doesn't leave things and mope and suchlike, right?  Amzi fixes things!  I am in the middle of a big, maroonish letter A, which is coming out wonderfully, and when I'm finished, I will put up pictures and a pattern.

Because yes!  I am being all thoughtful and attentive and actually paying attention to what I'm doing as I do it! So if you...need...a random A...for whatever reason (I smell stories here?) then it will be available.  As will the rest of the alphabet, I trust, in short order.  :)  How 'bout that???

AMZi x x x x x


  1. is it this one?

    will amazon only send to the UK?

  2. No, actually, I believe it's 201 Crochet Motifs or something to that equivalent. Specifically, won't ship FREE to the UK. I'm not savvy enough to mess with $$$ conversions and shipping rates, etc. :P But thanks!

  3. It's lovely to make those discoveries. They always come as a welome surprise.
    I like crochet for the very reason that it is so easy to work with. I look forward to seeing your letter A.


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