Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Reading...

I have excuses for posting going down to every-other-day!  That there is the pile of books I'm currently involved in. :P  Plus I'm listening to a lot of audio lectures.  So.

My friend and I are going through the Bible in a year, using this plan.  It takes some commitment, but it's worth it!  I'm excited to get to some books I haven't read in a long time.

Last week another lovely friend drove me to see the Babies documentary.  It was very interesting....  lots of "Awwww" and "Yikes!" and laughing.  You know how babies (and documentaries) are!

Yet another friend sent me the sheet music to play this on the piano.  Instant Delight. <3

AMZi x x x x x

Edited to Add :: Contrary to popular (horrified) belief, the above song is NOT "from Twilight."  It was by several accounts (I haven't seen the movies myself) used IN it but it is an entirely independent composition.  Thank you very much.  :)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have a new webcam.  It is shiny.  I am happified.

I (sort of) have a (sort of) new car.  It is also shiny.  I am happified.

I have discovered TtVs, whatever those are.  Basically it means I take these awesome shots and layer them over my pictures.  And they create awesomeness.  I am happified.

AMZi x x x x x

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Day

Hullo-ullo-ullo, what's all this?

Sorry, always wanted to say that.  Anyhow.  Knitting milestone has been reached!  The...middle bits...front, back, etc...whatever!  Everything but the sleeves is finished!  I clipped the pieces together to make a sort of "mock-up" and see how it'd fit.  I'm very happy with it!  And I'm over halfway through one sleeve.  So.

Hair flower of the day. :)  My favorite color seems to be evolving through the color wheel.  Let me explain what I mean by that.  For a long time when I was younger, my favorite color was BLUE.  Then it changed definitely to GREEN and has remained GREEN for a long time... but lately... I'm noticing something.  Though I'd never given YELLOW a second glance, color-wise, it's slowly but surely becoming my favorite color.  Above all.  It just is so amazing!  I need more yellow in my life!

And here's the sleeve status, in the afternoon light which is now fading.  I might finish it tonight, or I might read one of the many books I'm in the middle of... Just Six Numbers, Understanding the Times, a PG Wodehouse collection, The Westminster Confession of Faith, Economics in One Lesson... you get the idea. :)

Quote I just heard:  "If somebody gives you a definition of 'postmodern,' by definition, it's not a definition of 'postmodern.'" I just heard it from Jimmy Long, but he may have been quoting someone else.  I'll leave you to think about that for awhile. :)

AMZi x x x x x

Monday, July 19, 2010

*Insert Snazzy Post Title*

Oeps, sorry.  I didn't mean to be silent so long, not even sure if I have any good excuses... ah well, here's what I've been up to, besides general study and thought of course.

My knitting is coming along MAJORLY, due to listening to this book, narrated by the brill narrator I can't remember the name of.  Oh well.  It's a bit "older" than the first one (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie) but still good.  Caution :: Lots of British language if that bothers you.  As for the jumper, hard to tell, but it's white and blue, and I've got the back (that's the inside of the back you can see, the other side looks just like the front of the side you can see) and one side front.  The other side front is on my needle atm.

I am, ahem ahem, writing again!!  Finally, at long last.  I am working on Chapter 8 (hitting the point where all my plans trickle off and I have to actually THINK about the writing and the plot) BUT I am also working as of now on a brand new story idea I'm really excited about.  I'm having a lot of fun with it.  Yeh.

And, big news, I got to talk to my friend Jane in Britain face to face yesterday!  Through Skype!  *cue Hallelujah Chorus*  Apparently she didn't know I wear flowers in my hair.  I do, rather.  See? :P  I have that rose, a gigantic green Gerber daisy, a frilly bluish something (can you tell I'm not really a botanist anymore?), a yellow daisy, and lots of little white rose-ish things in miniature.

And I'm cooped up inside because it's literally sweltering out.  I kid you not.  Opened my window for five seconds to take some pictures and I couldn't actually breathe.  Lately, we had a heat warning for our county with 110 degree heat index and 70% humidity.  I believe it.

Very tired now, was up like all night with ideas for the new story, so... popping off now to get some real life done. :)
AMZi x x x x x x

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Waves of Stripes

Wrong side...

Right side...

And during my knitting, I'm listening to Focus on the Family's new radio drama, The Screwtape Letters.  It's FANTASTIC, so much easier to grasp in this form than in the actual book form.  Definitely recommended!

Got a lot on my mind lately but very little of it is able to be put into words.  I'm also reading Just Six Numbers, which is an amazing book.  Mind-boggling.  I like to jump into that mindset and just think about it, but take it to a different place.  For the author, it's a huge "what are the odds" or a huge "multiverse potential," but I find those far fetched.  He almost sounds like he's arguing against his own view--that everything that exists is a product of random chance.  I see these incredible numbers and mind-blowing concepts, and say, "Wow.  And this is just the Creation.  You want mind-blowing?  Wait till you see the Creator."

AMZi x x x x x

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming In For Landing...

*skids into home base*  We made it!  We survived!  For the most part, anyhow... 

After some cards...

My grandma's gorgeous baby grand...

A visit to the cemetary...

Some seriously adorable kittens...

And their very patient mother...

And a rainy day shot of a fence...

And a great sunset...

About 40 hrs of driving (this pic was taken as we set out for home)...

Going a little crazy...

Over 2,000 miles in a van with five other people... sleeping on friends' floors...sunburn and allergies...dogs and cats and LOTS of card games...

We Made It!
AMZi x x x x x

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Checkin' In

Not much to report!  More driving... more goofy-ness in the car... shadow puppets, anyone?

Oh, forgot about those shots I got before we left that house.  Now we are very comfortable for two nights in a hotel with MUCH BETTER internet.  I therapied with grooveshark last night and it was sooo enjoyable!  Missed my music, I did!

AMZi x x x x x

Monday, July 5, 2010

On the Road Again

Very looooooong but satisfactory car ride all day yesterday.

I'm now shutter-happy because I have rechargeable batteries.  I feel invincible!!

We have a lot of fun...

I grew some antlers while I was riding along...

This shot was an amazing feat of timing.  The camera was off...we were waiting for a church to come by... we had given up hope... a church approaches! ... el hermano snatches my camera, turns it on, snaps the picture, with PERFECT position!  Brilliant!  It's now my profile pic on facebook.

Though I might change to this one, which I also love.  We all have awesome sunglasses, sometimes even two pairs!  I love my aviators... :P

As for what I've been up to, post-driving :: I rode in a Jaguar while el padre was driving and la madre was not around to make us slow down.  I'll leave that up to your very active imaginations. *cough*  AND I shot off a really really big gun.  Six chambers.  I killed the target.  And now my hand is bruised, but it's totally worth it.  And we played some cards.

From Ohio, over and out,
AMZi x x x x x

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off Again

Here I am, FINALLY getting around to posting after like 3 days...just in time to say, "So long, mates" before we dash off on a road trip for a week.  Timing, yes?  Brilliant.

I have been holding off posting only because the LGM was out of batteries and not taking any pictures, and I'm stingy and don't like to spend money on things that run out.  Like batteries.  So, we had a problem there.  But yesterday, I bought a set of rechargable batteries and the charger, so the camera is in business again!

Update Number One :: I did make that hat I was telling you about.  And I do like it.  I can't believe I can pull off a hat.  It's making me adventurous, though I have gotten the hippie label now.  No one will let me wear it out (which is all right since it's usually upward of 90 degrees in the heat) because I "look like I'm from Manitou Springs."  Well, I kinda am, recently! :P

And I'm sooo savvy I can read and study and listen to music and crochet at the same time!

Or maybe not... frogging...


Update Number Two :: I did say adventurous, didn't I?  Well, how adventurous?  Stripes!

I was wanting some darkish red to go in with the lot to make it really all the nautical colors, but it's not to be. :P  And that would make it hard to carry the colors up.  I really really hate changing colors with knots and any other way.  So I just leave the blue yarn hanging off to the side and pick up the white yarn loosely, and knit two rows with it.  And vice versa.  So much easier!

Update Number Three :: For my birthday, I got this!!! and this!!! and they are woooondeeerfuuulll!  Buy them and play them!  You will love them!

So goodbye for a week, maybe longer...
AMZi x x x x x
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