Monday, March 15, 2010

Corners...Round Two!

Lovely day out, yes?  No, you say?  What?  But ANY day is lovely if you look at it right!  Don't believe me?

  1. In Case of A Sunny Day :: EVERYONE like sunny days!  The light is so nice, and lots of Vitamin D production goes on, the colors outside and everywhere are vivid, and you can be out or in as you so desire!
  2. In Case of A Rainy Day :: Everyone SHOULD like rainy days too!  The sound of the rain on the windows and roof, the way the droplets shoot across the car windows, the greenness afterward, the smell in the air.
  3. In Case of A Foggy Day :: Fog is so much fun!  Drive careful, or stay at home, pretending you're somewhere else... like England, or Ireland, or Scotland, or a foggy romantic location far away.  Very cool.  And so peaceful and quiet!
  4. In Case of A Stormy Day :: Who doesn't love thunderstorms (well, over the age of 7 anyhow)?  The crash, the bang!  The lightning in the sky!  So exciting!
  5. In Case of A Snowy Day :: Snow is lovely too!  Get up early and have a good look before the footprints and tire tracks muss some.  You can see the tracks of animals, and the snow covers bare tree branches so nicely!  More of that lovely Dark-and-Light business!
  6. In Case of A Gray Day :: These are nice because the light that comes in is white, not yellow, very pure and clean.  And because of how light the sky is next to the tree branches.  
  7. In Case of A Cold Day :: Cold days are awesome because they mean you can wear your favorite sweaters, and big cozy coats, and stripy socks, and cheerful scarves, etc. etc. etc.  And the cold air is bracing and refreshing.
  8. In Case of A Hot Day :: Hot days are fun too, because then you're in the mood to go to the pool and splash around, and you can go barefoot or wear flipflops, and run around like mad without the air burning your lungs.  
  9. In Case of A Wet Day :: Wet days are ideal for photographing all those nice things outside all jeweled with dew!
  10. In Case of a Dry Day :: Dry days are perfect for sitting in the grass and reading, because you don't end up damp!

I think that about covers it....  It's all just perspective and focusing on certain things.  Easy for me to say, because I've been blessed with a disposition that does what I tell it to.  It may prove harder for some people, if you're craving a Sunny Day, to get a Rainy Day, but keep at it!  :)

And on to....

Corner The Second ::

My Sea Shelf.  I love the sea, love any large body of water really.  I've been to the east coast of Florida many times, and have some lovely memories (going to the beach at night, riding in the rumble seat of an old Jalopy, seeing the full moon make a path along the calm waves...sand... sigh!) as well as seeing and entering Lake Michigan at Grand Haven and Chicago, where I got my sea glass (remember, from here?) and various small inland, and usually fake, lakes.  I love to swim, kayak, water-ski, paddleboat, pontoon boat, you name it.  Boats, boats, boats, water, water, water!  Love it.  This shelf contains...  Paraphenalia (ooh, word!).  Clockwise, from top left corner.

  • Barometer :: very cool weather instrument, informing me that it is going to be Fair today!  Cheers!
  • Seashells :: All hand-collected by Yours Truly, from the ocean.  I found almost all the curly ones during our last trip to FL, and that was exciting!!
  • A lock-box that doesn't lock :: from my aunt, where I keep various small items, including these ::

Crochet Books!  I made these up last year, making them as I went.  I likes them, I does!
And a miniature sweater I made at Christmas...Complete with 2-st cabling!  

  • A small ring-box, containing my great-grandmother's ring, which is now mine, since we share the same birthstone.  It looks like this ::

  • Starfish :: real starfish!  From the Barbados, I believe... 
  • My grampa's compass, and a carved coral fishy
  • Scattered in and around :: SEABEANS!  I found these in FL too, and I LOVE them!  They're such tiny, beautiful little seeds!  
  • A carved Ironwood turtle :: I purchased at Loggerhead Turtle Rescue in FL.  That place roxx.
  • Underneath everything :: A large, ecru, pinwheel-style doily I made last summer.  This took me For:Blooming:Ever!  But it was worth it.  I think it looks kinda like a fishing net in places, which is why it's there on the Sea Shelf.
You can't see it in that picture, but you can here ::

  • A tall, skinny jar, with some tall, skinny, dried roses in it.  I hang whatever roses I can get my hands on upside-down around my room.  A funny sight, but I like it.  And when they're dried, I put them like this!  :)  Not as nice as fresh flowers, but I make do, yes?
That about wraps it up for Corner The Second, and probably my favorite Corner.  Enjoy whatever weather you're having :: Oooh, that reminds me, from The Phantom Tollbooth (fantastic book if you haven't read it) ::

"I'm not the WEATHER man, I'm the WHETHER man!  After all, it is more important to know WHETHER there will be weather than what the weather will be!"

And my amendment ::

"After all, it is more important to know whether you'll decide to be happy with the weather, than what the weather will be!"  

:) :) :)  Go word junkies, yes?
AMZi x x x x x


  1. I'll try to remember your weather sentiments next time I'm out walking in the wind and rain!
    Lots of interesting things to read in your uplifting blog!

  2. excelent blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you


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