Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cead mile failte!  Do ye find you're runnin' a bit low on luck these days?  Weeel, pit it on yer back and say it ain't a burden!  Here's an easy-peasy tutorial on how to crochet a wee shamrock with a muckle big bit o' luck!  An' if it ain't so easy at the first, just remember, castles were built a stone at a time :: just give it another go round!

The Fixin's Ye'll Be Needin' ::

  • A wee bit o' greenish yarn
  • A crochetery crook :: size US G (4.25 mm) works right well!
  • A par o' shears

Step The Farst ::

Make a slip knot and put it on your hook.  Now chain 4, as shows above.

Step The Twa ::

Yarn over your hook and enter the 4th chain from hook (the first chain you made) as pictured above.  That chain space will serve as your ring.  All future stitches will be worked into that single chain space.

Step The Third ::

Work double crochet (that's why you entered the ch stitch in the first place) and chain 1, as pictured above.

Step The Fourth ::

Sc once in the ch stitch, chain 1, dc once in the ch stitch, chain 1, sc in the chain stitch again, and slip stitch in the chain stitch.  This creates one "leaf" for your shamrock.

Step The Fifth ::

Repeat the leaf twice as follows :: Ch 3, dc 1, ch 1, sc 1, ch 1, dc 1, ch 1, sc 1, sl st into ring.  Now you should have three leaves.

Step The Sixth ::

After you've made your three leaves, chain 6 or 7 to make your stem.  Cut yarn, finish off, tie a knot in the tail, and snip or darn in ends.  In my experience the darning in part doesn't work so well.  I just tie a knot and snip it.

Ta Da!  *applause*  Very nicely done, lasses and laddies!  If ye be wantin' this tutorial in the future, it'll be filed under "Flowers!" in the Patterns and Projects box over that'a'way --->

AMZi x x x x x

Edit :: The shamrock tutorial has been moved to Seasonal Stuff to Make.  


  1. Woooahh!!! That was sooo cool!!!!! :)

  2. That is really lovely. A happy St Patrick Day to you too !!


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