Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Hands Over Mouth*

MmmmmMMMMMmmmMMM!!!  I can't!  I can't!  I give up!  Uncle!

*takes hands off mouth*

I WAS planning on only posting once a day.  One long, rambling post is plenty for just 24 hrs, right?  And three days into *gasp* BLOGGING is pretty early to be ditching my own rules...but....

But, but, but, I can't wait!

*collects self*  I have control.  I am measured and scientific and...a big rotten liar.  But I won't tell you much.  I will only say this :: I am not at ALL ashamed of spending $29 even on this.  (And if it comes to that, I'm not at all ashamed of spending $1 on that doughnut either.)  What you ask?  Shhhhhhhhhh, it's part of the Granny Secret!

There, I made it Extra Large.  Feast Your Eyes.  Ain't ya jealous?  This is Lionbrand Homespun yarn :: Gee-Or-Geous Sooooooft and Fluffy Yarn.  SO lovely to work up.  I use a size K US hook (personal favorite).  Two Warnings though:  I don't recommend this for a beginner because 1) it's hard to tell by looking at where you are and where you're going.  Use this yarn after your fingers know what they're doing, and don't need your eyes' help anymore.  And 2) it falls apart rather easily.  Hard to pull it through the loops cleanly on the first try.  A real splitter.  But it's SO pretty.  Worth it, right?  Of.  Course.

And this is why.
You're dying to know, right?
A while longer, just a day or two.
I promise, I work fast.
I mean, quickly.
And I'm a stickler for grammar to boot.
Check back soon!
I solemnly promise I will whip this up and show it to you ASAP. [[which means Acting Smart And Persnickety, right?]]
And I will keep that promise better than I kept my promise about random photographs and about posting only once a day.


x x x x x

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