Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Creo que hay algunos personas que son como mi, pero no encontró.  Es verdad tengo amigos que les gustan las ciencias, las matemáticas, líneas y fronteras y organización, pero cuando muestro mi lado que es una artista, me llaman "childish" y "silly"  (Prefiero lo llamo "contenta") Y también tengo algunos amigos que son artistas, pero cuando muestro mi lado científico,  me llaman "anti-emotion" o "old fashioned."

No es totalmente malo, porque puedo tener muchos amigos de todos tipos, y nosotros compartimos intereses.  Y con ellos, yo les completo.  Pero no tengo nada amiga que es verdadera "como mi." No me dice nadie que será fácil, y no es fácil.  Solamente quisiera alguien que no le sorprenda si estoy loca a veces.  Que no me llama nombres que no estoy.  Quizás eso es una meta demasiado grande, pero no lo creo.  Pues, aquí esta.  

[[I'm sure there are people like me somewhere, but I never found them.  It's true that I have friends who like science and math, lines and boundaries, and organization, but when I show my "artsy" side, they call me childish and silly.  (I prefer to call it happy)  And I also have friends who are artists, but when I show my scientific, OCD side, they call me stoic and old fashioned, and, well... OCD! 

It's not all bad, I know, because I can have many friends of all types and personalities, and still have something in common with all of them.  And added to them, I can complete them or bridge between them.  But I still don't have a single friend who is really "like me" in every way.  Nobody said it was easy, and it isn't. I just would like somebody who isn't surprised when I act crazy sometimes.  Who won't call me names that I don't fit.  Maybe it's too big of a demand, but I don't think so.  But there you are.]]

I expect I catch a lot of baddage [[Amziism = unpleasant talk]] for being "childish."  I'm not sure I see the insult in this.  Wasn't everybody happier when they were children?  Aren't children the brightest among us, those who see the clearest?  Children have their priorities straight, and they see beauty, and they're never ashamed.  Maybe I wasn't child enough when I was younger (I believe that I kinda missed out on a childhood, or at least I don't remember it) but I think I'll keep this notion no matter how old I get.  Why would I EVER want to start looking at the ground, or start thinking that work work work is all that matters, or that small things of course CAN'T be important or worth noticing!  That's just it :: I wouldn't.  I won't.  I refuse.  I spend a lot of time working hard, and thinking hard, about so many things.  So when I'm with friends, or I see something that makes me happy, I'm not going to shut up.  Sorry, but no.  I'll dance around and grin if I jolly well please.  And no, I haven't ever cared what people thought of me, and I highly doubt if I ever will! :)

Long Rant Over, cross my <3.  I've been whipping up letters left and right all last night!  Want to see a picture?  

And no, that was entirely coincidence, that I've made the letters that can spell "LOVE" and "TEA" :P  I can also spell ::
  • vole
  • vale
  • vote
  • vet
  • vat
  • fat
  • fate
  • float
  • flat
  • foal
  • fae
  • eat
  • ate
  • ale
  • foe
  • toe
  • loaf
  • oat
  • oaf
  • to
  • of
  • veto
  • alto
And those are just the English words!  Ave, vale, etc.

!!! Tutorials will be up soon!  I've kept track of all the patterns I've invented.  Then you, too, will be able to spell LOVE and TEA!!!  Just check back at the Pages box over there somewhere --------->

AMZi x to the fifth

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