Sunday, March 14, 2010

Corners...Round One!

Happy Sunday!  Or Rainday, as the case may be.  Which it is.  But no matter!  By the bye, did you know I can spell "Sunday" with my alphabet?  No repeat letters!  Words like that can be hard to find when you're really looking, but they pop up everywhere!  Wicking of Speech, have a look-see what I gone and done ::

I hung up a string, then clothes-pinned letters onto the line, kind of like a garland and a washline at the same time.  (And you can't go wrong with either of those in art, so why not combine, eh?)  I plan on changing this soon, to the month, MARCH, and then APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, but there the months will stop.  Because of repeat letters, etc.  But I can also spell SPRING, WINTER, NOEL, JOY, STUDY, THANKS, etc.  So this is going to be FUN.  Which, by the bye, I can also spell.  :)

Aaaaaaand that was really just an aside and an introduction.  Because now I'm going to start a little trend in my blog posts for awhile.  Or at least until I forget or lose interest.


I don't really have anything else to call them, and they generally end up being in corners.  I suppose we could call them Steves or Rogers, but that's just not catching on with me.  Too bad.  But what ARE they, you ask?  Well, bless me if I haven't gone and left out the whole point! (name that quote)

Corners are the little nooks and crannies and surfaces and tabletops in a house that make it a home.  They are small, sometimes cluttered, sometimes not, but always full of pretty, precious, meaningful things.  I keep several of these little specimens about, because--you guessed it--they make me happy.  So Corner The First ::

Corner The First is a tabletop, and the largest Corner I have.  It contains many of my favorite books, some books that aren't my favorite, but look nice, and various other sundry items that I decided hace juego [[remember? Spanish :: go well]] together. Clockwise, from top left corner ::

  • Hurricane lamp with Button Collection in the base (squeeeee!)
  • Last Train to Paradise a book on Flagler, exceedingly interesting, not necessarily my favorite, but very interesting as worldview analysis goes.  
  • The Chronicles of Narnia all in one big gigantic AMAZING tome!  This is not the only Narnia set I own, but it is a nice hefty one.  Narnia definitely vies for first place in my favorites list.
  • The Oxford Book of English Verse besides being awesome, it is also about 60 years old.  So this doubles as a Favorite Book, and an Old Thing.  Can you beat it???
  • The Railway Children possibly my favorite book from childhood, up against Beatrix Potter.  The fantastic writing style full of humor and fun and English-ness, without the pagan just-a-little-off-ness of Peter Pan.  FANTASTIC book.  I adore it.
  • Letters from a Soviet Prison Camp need I say more??
  • The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay also in the favorites list.  A. Mazing. Book.  Books, rather, as there are four.  Go read them, but be ye warned :: they will consume your every waking minute for about two weeks solid.   
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel is aaalso in the favorites list, of course.  Methinks I have more favorites than non-favorites, yes?  Brill book, absolutely marvelous.  Read it too.
  • A scent-reed-diffuser thingy masquerading as a book end.  Shhh!
  • The Latest Doily I've made, a sunflower-themed one.  
  • A largish Seashell holding bobby pins, hairbands, and usually my ring (you can't see it, but the guitar is to the right, and my rings get deposited in the shell whenever I go to play it or Allemande)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream a book I keep only because it's Shakespeare, and I love Shakespeare, and because of the mini-play at the end, which cracks. Me. Up.  Without fail.  I have most of it memorized.
  • Julius Caeser a book I keep because of the speeches.  :)
So there you have it, Corner Numero Uno, an unapologetic outpouring of its parts and details.  Hopefully not TOO terribly boring for you. :)  Before I dash off, here's another picture, this time with a focal B:&:W which I still like....
*Big Grin*  I <3 those books!

*Big Yawn*  I do NOT <3 Daylight Savings.

*Big Thank You* to everyone who's liked my pictures.  I'm no photographer and I know it, and I just started when I started this *gasp* BLOG but I enjoy it immensely.  So thanks so much y'all!

*Big Wave*  Goodbye, goodnight!

AMZi x x x x x


  1. I believe the quote is the Chief Duffer from "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". :)


  2. Thank you so much - it looks fantastic and just the right sort of series to take on a road trip around the south island of NZ. Can't wait to track it down!!!

  3. Professor of RobinhoodologyMarch 15, 2010 at 7:08 AM

    Ah, phooey! Pippin got there first, but I knew the quote, too!

    I like your corner. I have a big bookshelf that doesn't look half so nice, but at least I still have favorite books. :) Ooh, and all my Robin Hood on my weird really long shelf in my closet-room. Since my room's basically a huge closet. The bow on the wall probably tops all, though.


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