Thursday, April 1, 2010


Something that makes me say "Awwesoooooome" today was the discovery of a Cath Kidston theme for Google Chrome.  If you don't have Chrome yet, and you're still in the dark ages banging your rocks together and against Internet Explorer, click here to get it.  And if you don't already know, as in my Yank friends, Cath Kidston is a UK-based designer who makes prettyful things.  I can't say as I can quite go for all of it, as I'm not HUGELY floral, and some patterns remind me too much of my mother's old duvet....  But in general it's lovely.  So the theme made my day.

Wicking of Speech, something that just makes me happy (seriously, I said that out loud, and el hermano said "Wow.") are these amazing dotty ceramics from said Cath Kidston.  I remember telling la hermana that I would have a polka-dotted pitcher when I was old and suchlike, and she couldn't believe such a thing existed.  Howzat, girlie?  That's just how I am. I make plans, and while most of my plans involve how to really save lots and lots of money when I'm older, and how to be efficient, and how to be scheduled, I do have some ingrained frivolous bits.  Because (you guessed it) they make me happy.

Another Awwwesoooooome thing is that I still adore seeing this blanket spread out over my bed every morning.  Even though it's now too hot to have it on the bed at night, it still belongs there all the rest of the time!

Another thing that was "Awwesoooooome" was discovering that I can make my Plastic BagBags on a knitting loom!  I've made a bag in the past, out of "yarn" I made from plastic grocery sacks, and it's gotten a lot of use and even more attention since then.  I gave it to my mother, who is now known by every employee of our local Whole Foods as The Bag Lady.  Pardon me while I die laughing.

There, I've recovered.

Anyhow, so I racked up all these plastic Hy-Vee bags and they've been sitting all wadded up in my closet.  Aaand then I proceeded to procrastinate (must be good, because it's all "pro-" right?) because I did NOT enjoy knitting up this scratchy plastic yarn on giant blue size 16 knitting needles.  So I thought, Heeeeeeeeey, how about THIS?  These looms were very popular with soccer-moms-turned-crafty-moms a few years ago and I have a set.

And I did!  And it worked!  And I'm happy!  And I've made massive amounts of progress!  And there will be a tutorial appearing here when it's finished, as well!  Awwwesssssssooooooooooommmmmmmeeee!!!

And something else that was Awwwwesooooooome yesterday was the fact that Geometric series are actually applicable in Physics!  Well, I thought it was awesome!  ;)

AMZi x to the fifth power

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