Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Just About Everything...

Hey y'all!  Or wouldst thou prefer: "Salutatory Expostulations"?  See, see, I told you so!  Hey Y'all don't sound so bad now, eh?

I've been putting this off all day, making myself wait, just for the joy of anticipation.  I'll have you know right now this is floating my boat.  If you think I'm too weird for you, bail out now.  But I am so enjoying looking around and snapping pictures and finding these things that make me happy and might do the same for you!  :)  So I had so many ideas of what to *gasp* BLOG about, aaaaaand so I ended up with a big long list of just about everything.  I'm putting some things off.  They deserve posts of their own.  But this is a cobbling mis-match of loopy bits.  Get used to it. :)

How 'bout that!!  There just HAPPENS to be this tree outside my window, and it just HAPPENS to have this branch that thinks it'd like to become part OF my window, and that little branchy bit just HAPPENS to have the biggest icicles of the entire tree!  Shloop--up go the blinds--Bang--up goes the window--*grunt grunt grunt*--the screen is frozz [[Amziism=frozen/cold]] shut...  Keep working at it, and snap up goes the screen and (thoroughly frigid) I snap two pictures.  I love this one--if you look close, there's gorgeous fiddly bits at the base of the ice.
And there is ice elsewhere as well!  I actually wanted to go get pictures around 8:07 in the morning, when the ice was thicker and the trees out back looked like they were growing glitter...but I had places to go and people to see and violins to play (well, just one).  But this consolation picture later in the morning is still pretty cool.  Look at the shiny spots at the tips of the branches!

But I was snapping this morning around 7, when there was hardly any light to see by.  Look, look, look at this!!  This makes me so happy!  Seaglass = the most amazing stuff ever!  Lined up on the windowsill?  With pebbles in between?  AAAAHH!  <3 that speckled stone.  My favorite one.

And this is my tea.  Black tea, though not so black, because this is the third cup I've made out of one teabag.  Yes, I'm cheap.  No, I don't care.  Yes, you may thumb your nose if you're so inclined.  For a Yank, I drink an insane amount of this stuff.  You can see a bit of the shine from the camera in the reflection of the tea there.  And sticking out is my own personal tea spoon.  Can you beat it?

I don't use tea cups, though they're often gorgeous, because... well... my excuse is, I have big hands (I kid you not, have gone through most of life looking like I'm wearing rakes instead of arms) and I can't wrap them around a teensy tea cup to get warm.  Either that, or I'm just greedy....

And finally, to wrap up a really boring and lengthy post (I promise random photos won't be half so ubiquitous in future), here are my two favorite pics of the day!  Number one: I like because of the reflection in the glass ball, and the patches of light and shadow on the snow.  Number two: I like because as the granny squares radiate from the center, so does the color.  The real life squares are colored all the way through.

Granny squares you say?  Hmm?  What are they for?  That's My Little Secret, isn't it now?  Mum's the word!  At LEAST till tomorrow!

Valedictions, (I mean, So Long, mates!)
AMZi x x x


  1. Hello AMZi,
    I saw your comment on Lucy's blog and thought I would pop on over. You sound very exciting, excited? and jolly. Mmmmm... icicles, seaglass, baubles and grannys, a pretty eclectic mix if I might say so. I like the colours of your grannys.
    Happy blogging!

  2. Hi Amzi, just found your shiny new blog through Lucy at Attic 24. lovely crochet squares and photos. Jane

  3. Hi Amzi...oooooo do let us into your granny squares secret??!!per-lease??
    Lovely to see you in Blogland, i can just tell you're gonna thrive here, and yes we do seem to haev a lot in common. I began my blog for exactly the same reason you describe, as I realised I was already thinking bout my life instinctively in "blog posts".
    oooo you're going to have so much fun!
    Lovely to visit with you, I'll be back agin soon

  4. Found you from attic 24. So far so good! I'm an avid crocheted and love your eye for color! Bravo keep on movin on

  5. Professor of RobinhoodologyFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    Lovely pictures Amzi (I must admit I almost slipped up there...oh well).

    Along with a dozen other things, photography is something I would like to get in to...

    Yes, I'm going to keep posting as that obnoxious name until I feel inclined to go back to Nai. Sorry.

    (besides, it sums me up fairly well, doncha think?)

  6. When I was taking violin lessons a couple of years ago, at my first lesson I got out my violin, got in position, and my violin teacher said, "Wow, you have really big hands." Or maybe it was "long fingers." Either way...


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