Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I'm Reading

In no less than THREE tenses!  

Have Just Finished Reading ::

The first Ian Rutledge book, which I should have started with but didn't and is actually quite good though not as brilliant as The Red Door.

A Ted Dekker thriller which, while relatively original, features a main character who is practically identical to the heroes of his other thrillers.  Some nice twists all the same, and a lot of interesting stuff about mental illness, which is fascinating.

What I Am Reading This Very Minute (Which Is A Lie Because I Am Actually Typing) ::

An old fad series that I never really got around to reading.  It's so pathetically funny and British sounding, it's worth it. 

A book that I accidentally picked up and ended up being fascinated immensely.  Very very interesting.  Maybe not the most immediately applicable reading, as I am neither adrift nor a boy, but you never know...if I have children someday, it may come in handy.  And then I will laugh in all your faces and point and say, "Ha, I'm ahead!!"

A book by George MacDonald who is inexcusably ignored these days.  Packaged like a cheap romance, I know, but I have it from a reliable source that it's not bad at all.

What I'm Planning On Reading Next ::

Because of course I have to see what happens next....

Because so far as I can tell it's the next Rutledge book and ditto the above reasoning.  :)

As for me, a little writing, a little knitting (still working on that nanny goat but very close to completion), lots of reading, lots of thinking, and obviously a little blogging. I could get used to this holiday business. 

AMZi x x x x x

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