Friday, May 14, 2010

A Quick Note...

To say I've finished Ch 5.  This morning I turned off my alarm and let myself sleep in till 7 (reason why later).  When I did wake up, I rolled out of bed and got straight to work.  The house was quiet, very peaceful.  Since there's nothing else to do, I like to write while I wait for everyone to get up.  Before 9, I'd written a couple thousand words.  Then...


I went to get my hair cut again.  After I got a lot of it cut off awhile ago, every school day someone or other has insisted that I must have cut my hair again!

Person :: Did you cut your hair?

Me :: Uh... no...

Person :: Are you sure you didn't get a haircut and then forget?  It looks shorter.

Me :: Nooo, I'm pretty sure.  If anything it's longer now.

Person :: No, no, it was longer last week!

Me :: Yeah... I bet someone is sneaking into my room at night and cutting my hair every day... that's the only explanation.

Seriously, random people asked me twice a month for weeks!  It was bizarre.  So now, when I see my friends tonight, I'll tell them I got my hair cut just so when they asked if I'd cut my hair, I could say YES for once!!

So now I have bangs for the first time since I was about five-years-old...only I like them now. :P  A lot!  :)

And the reason for me sleeping in a whole 'nother half hour this morning....  Last night we went to an amazing dinner with my "big brother" and his new wife (okay, not SO new, they got married in March).  I missed my brother--not having anyone to pick on me!  We also finally got to really MEET a Russian family we helped out when they first came to the US.  Their kids are ADORABLE!  Last night was the most fun I've had all year, no joke!  I could have stayed there forever!  And the best part was all of the language stuff, el padre attempting Russian, everyone cracking up at his efforts, translations going on back and forth and back and forth and questions and jokes and it was blooming AMAZING! :)

Fun fact of the day ::  American say "Buh-bye" meaning "Goodbye" all the time, right?  Well, in Russian, a "buh-bye" is like a monster that scares children.  So when it came time to go, we started making grabby hands at the adorable little kiddos and saying "Buh-byyeee!!" in scary voices.  All in good fun of course.  They have such infectious laughter!!

Buuuuuhhh-Byyyyyyyeee!  *insert evil laugh*
AMZi x x x x x

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  1. Boo. I'm on and reading. Got to keep up with your busy life somehow. :D

    Janie x xx


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