Saturday, May 8, 2010

Farmyard Animals

Got a good many things on my mind at the moment, and not many of them warrant talking about....  Ah well.  Let's have some knitting updates!

Can a chicken be sat upon a horse?

Yes it can.  No eyes on the chicken yet, and no eyes/nose on the horse yet, I'm not keen on felt and hole punches and glue.  I'll get there.  :)  Finally went and bought some more yarn, which takes me forever to justify doing.  Honest.  I had to work myself up for four days to buy the $4.60 pattern!  I can't seem to justify spending money on anything except music.   A ten or a twenty I can blow in a minute for music, but everything else is guilty afterward. :)  Ah well.  Probably a good thing, yes?  Bit of a saver, I am.

Go look at the Summit website if you've never heard of these chaps.  I'm going to one of their two week conferences.  Looks to be very exciting and a good time for people who rather enjoy thinking.

And as for writing, I'm halfway through Ch 4 and it's really ripping.  So enjoyable, being a full-time all-day sit-down writer again!  Just to be working solidly like that.  I've figured out the problem I had getting back into it.  I have to think, thinking is my whole life, just thinking about any old thing.  During the school year, there's no time (sometimes literally) for thinking, and that gets me in a not-so-nice mood.  In order to write, I need to think, sometimes for hours solid, preparing and letting inspi come.  Enter the summer hols, and voila!  Time, ergo thinking, ergo writing.

Remarkable, really.

AMZi x x x x x

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