Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Most Un-Blog-Ish Subject

Music. :P  Really a silly subject for a WRITTEN and VISUAL art form thingamajig.  Ah well.  You're in for it anyway.

Check it out.  He plays it really abysmally so I'm sorry, but use your imagination.  This. Is. My. Favorite. Song. Evah.  I heard it performed yesterday (MUCH BETTER THAN THIS yeesh) and it kills me every time. :D

And also this one ::

I remember the first time I heard this... *big grin*  Fantastic, yes?

So I took some pictures :: I love shots of people's hands on pianos.

This is my favorite--like the real world is INSIDE the piano, and outside it's just black and white like the keys....

And check this out!!  El hermano of crazy savvy-ness has lately been making these funky things.  They're flat, 2-D pieces of paper, and he draws on them in a certain way, and when a picture it taken from an angle, it--well, it looks like this!

There's a shot we have of me holding it (it IS MY book, of course--The Forewarned) and it looks so blooming real!  Keep an eye out for that soon. :)

Must run... as usual. :)  Hope all y'all had such a lovely weekend as I did!
AMZi x x x x x


  1. I heard that guy play Griffes! I was there.
    We were in the same competition.


  2. Cool pictures too! ;)
    Ooh...The Forewarned...I wants to see it!



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