Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Have Been Swayed

To this point in time, I have been a staunch Pockets Person.  I was NEVER ever ever a Purse Toter.  (Ooh, that sounds so derisive, say it really sourly :: PURSE TOT-er *shudder*)  Ever.  But in the course of human events, as they say, some things happened.  Things Generally Do.

These things cause el padre to have fits about me not being a PURSE TOT-er because it was inconvenient.  What's worse, Pippin took his side!  (Pippin, how COULD you??)  Though she did make some good points--get an over-the-shoulder bag, and you won't put it down and walk off without it (which I what I do).  Sigh, sigh, conniptions, fits, tears, sighs again...okay, not really.  I kinda moaned a little and rolled my eyes at the most.  Dramatic sighs are just more dramatic.

I knew I wouldn't consistently carry a purse (ugh what a word!  Let's say "Bag" shall we?) unless I seriously loved it.  Just like I wouldn't wear a watch unless I found one I really really liked.  (Which, by the way, I did, and it's big and clunky and leather and ivory-faced and has the timer ring and is like a parachuter's watch with big numbers and all and it PWNS)  I'm thinking camo.  I could deal with a camo *cringe* purse.

No beans.  But guess what I found instead?  A bright green satchel-type shoulder-bag awesomeness thing!  I have been converted to the Bag-Carry-Ers Society.  Yes, I'm afraid it irrevocably true.

It's got nice pockets and it holds everything, from sunglasses to wallet to phone to camera, with room for a book or two if I get bored. :)  I guess it WAS about time, as I'll be traveling soon and will want something to carry my effects (what a word!) in....

But PLEASE let's not call me a Purse-Toter.  More like a Bag-Slinger.  Yeah.  Like a gunslinger, but...with...a bag.
AMZi x x x x x


  1. I have something sorta like that. Bags are better than purses, but I have one of those too now. Generally I just snag my permit out of it (the purse) and stick it (the permit) in my back pocket, though. Mostly it sits upstairs on my desk. :P

  2. Ooh, what a lovely color! *congratulates Pip... quietly* That bag is you all over, Amzi dear.

    See, skirts don't have pockets. Hence the SUITCASE I cart around with me everywhere I go. Plus, almost everything I carry wouldn't fit in a pocket anyway (cough-sketchbook-cough)

  3. Oh, come on, it can't be THAT bad!

    Besides, I just got a new purse me-self. :P

    But yours is pretty! :) Very nice.
    Welcome to the *ahem* BAG-SLINGER'S SIDE!! XD

    You'll like it. Really.

    ~Pippin ;)

  4. He-he...looks like your type, girlie. Although we don't call people who carry handbags anything over here. (And they're handbags even if they go over your shoulder. ;) ) I didn't know you didn't like them THAT much! :o
    (I do the same with bags too...it gets kind of embarrassing at 18 in a long skirt with piled up hair to be racing wildly back into a shop cafe and scrambling under a table praying desperately that no one's walked off with it...LOL!)

    Janie x x x


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