Monday, May 17, 2010

False Start

Feeling a bit south of the elements today...but I've therapied with good books all morning, so with a reheating of my cuppa, I'm off to try and be productive!  Itching for the guitar, but I shall resist!  I'm really brilliant with distractions, you writing this post.  Totally circumnavigating my goals for the afternoon. :P

And the weather seems to be feeling a bit south of the elements as light to speak of, photography relatively nonexistent.  Sadness, yes?  So this is what my afternoon will consist of ::

Yep.  Lotsa writing, if I have my way.  And if I don't get too tired.  And if my tea stays hot and I don't have to go reheat it.  And if I ever stop writing this post and actually apply myself to Chapter 6.  It's not that I'm not excited for Chapter 6--I am.  Most definitely.  *insert evil laugh*  Just so tired.................

Anyhow.  I think there should be a law (okay, a policy, a guideline, a suggestion, whatever!) that you're not allowed to argue or insult someone, EXCEPT in an English accent!  For one thing, using a fake accent makes everything less personal, and for another...well, long-winded insults sound SO much better like that.  Problem being, I can never think of something really good and long off the top of my head.  It ends up like this ::

Me (al hermano [[to el hermano]]) :: Oh, HONESTLY, you ARE the most...  errmm...  pig-headed?

El hermano the Immensely Helpful :: No, no, that doesn't sound right.  Stubborn--

Me :: Infuriating!

Hermano :: Good one!

Me :: Okay!  HONESTLY, you ARE the most stubborn, infuriating...  errrrrmmm...  several other derogatory adjectives...  unpleasant NOUN!

AMZi x x x x x x

PS Just remembered I never showed y'all a couple of my Fiber Arts projects... if we get some good light later, I'll do a post on those. :)

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