Friday, May 7, 2010

My Late Creative Space

Would have had this up last night, as I was technically doing it yesterday, but yesterday was MAD!  Took a trip to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, of which... I sound like a Philistine here...  my favorite parts were the Corinthian columns in the foyer and the rich Dutch made furniture in the American section....  Haha.  I'm sure the paintings were nice too.  What disturbed me was the fact that the canvases were laid bare to the air and anyone who wanted to stick a pencil through them.  And not nearly enough security standing around looking intimidating.  IMHO.

Check out this lovely iris... not dark purple like the others... cross pollination perhaps?

And we're petsitting again, a very charming little Yorkie with the best manners I've ever seen.  Love this picture of her.  Nothing like a picture with a well-defined window screen in the background...makes it feel like summer!

And we arrive at my Creative Space.  This week it involves some help from Alan Dart, namely, using his Farmyard Animals pattern.  Stop laughing, you!  I've always been fascinated by little animal figurines, cows and horses and sheep and goats and geese.  Of course I like the real thing, but those are rather hard to keep round the house, don't you know?  So I saw this pattern and about died of the cuteness.  Hahahaha.

Progress as of last night....wish me luck!

Progress as of this morning.  All the while, I'm listening to A Test of Wills, by Charles Todd, the first Ian Rutledge mystery.  Loving it!!

AMZi x x x x x


  1. Mini horses are always adorable! Wendy xx

  2. I'm not laughing!

    I looked at Alan Dart's website. Wow! The Medieval mice are SO CUTE!!!

    It looks like fun! Happy knitting!



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