Friday, May 21, 2010

Arts of All Sorts

Yesssss, I know posting has been dodgy lately...  I didn't mean to, honest!  I got kinda busy, and then I thought I was busy so I mentally "let myself off" and then I wasn't busy, but I didn't have the mental order to...yeah.  Oh well.  Besides, not much going on lately.  Mostly writing.  I'm almost halfway into Chapter 7, which is nice.  I'm telling you, except for Chapter 5 (which was kinda my fault just not sitting down and telling myself what I wanted to do) I've had no stuck issues.  The ideas just keep pouring in for how and why certain events occur!  I'm so excited--I'm crushing a few hopes in this chapter.  Ha.  I sound devious there.  Oops.

So besides the art of writing, I've been working on some other things, casually...  I have a new theme on the piano, if that interests anyone...I haven't composed anything in awhile!  Been mainly arranging.  But I don't worry, you know?  Some night I'll sit down and just KNOW, if I sit there long enough, it'll come out.  Handy that way. :P

Yes, my colored pencils are 2-4 inches in length.  I snatch up all the stubs around here, which is funny because I have big hands, but they work for me!  I have to sharpen them manually, but I don't care.

I love lined up stuff. <3

El hermano of savvy-ness (what can he NOT do?) carved this for me!  I have several others, in normal pencils, all with their own personality.  This one's long beard twists around the pencil!

So a little drawing, a little writing, a little music, a LOT of reading (I mean a LOT), and photography when the mood strikes me.  Oh, and to complete the various arts, here are the pictures of my other Fiber Arts projects.

Go ahead and say it! :P  Actually, check this out...

And a drawstring tapestry-woven bag.  Weft-facing.  Eternal project.  Maaaaan.  It can always be squished down more than you want it to!  (Probably the technical term for squishing down is beating...whatever!)

There you have it!
AMZi x x x x x


  1. Woah! You have been busy! Your creativity is awe-inspiring; writing a book and a song - I'd love to be able to do those things! Wendy xx

  2. Funsters! :D

    *quotes from Oliver!*

    It's a fine, fine life!

    (Will email you soon, really busy with fam probs, Sqn probs, exams and Sqn stuff. :))

    Janie x x xx


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