Saturday, May 22, 2010


*wakes up*  Oh!  Yeah!  Title!  *cough*  Sooooooooo...Tired.  Indeed.

Very muchly.  We went bicycling this afternoon, and I hold up well enough during the ride, it's just after it... I... die....  Sort of.  I am so tired.

Add that to preparing mentally and packingly for two weeks out of the house alone.... Ayi!

A heck of a lot of reading, editing, critiquing, commenting, revising, checking, writing...  Summer workshops have begun, which means editing my own chapters and reviewing other peoples's so that they will think I am nice. :P

So I am making excuses, yes.  I refuse to feel guilty.  I'm too...*snoooorreee*

Fun game though (okay, maybe not so for ME!) :: When you're driving down the highway for hours straight (south till the streets stop!) and you're kinda bored and all, it takes you a little under a minute to get from mile marker to mile marker, right?  So the game is this :: You have to figure out the factors of the number of the mile marker before you get to the next one.  So you can picture me driving along, looking at cow, muttering under my breath, "Is 111 a prime?  Hmmm... 3 into...  2 left over, that gives you... No.  No, it's not.  3 and 37--Oh boy!  110!"

AMZi x x x x x

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