Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

Playing along this week at kootoyoo... :)

My Creative Space is Rained On...

And Screened In as you can see.

And while listening along to The Reptile Room (see yesterday's post), I've been populating my Creative Space...

...with farmyard animals.  There's the pony with tiny legs (Simon?) and the grey hen (Persephone?) and the nanny goat (Nanny?) and the billy goat (Billy?).  And yes, I am fully aware that none of them have eyes/noses (in the horse's case) yet.  I'm still deciding how exactly I want to do that...  felt as the pattern calls for?  Or buttons? Very small buttons of course.

Missing granny squares, oddly.  I should have known I can't survive apart from them!

Chapter 5 is coming along grandly-ish.  I had some trouble (first trouble with this book so far) figuring out JUST how exactly I wanted to accomplish something, but I believe we have landed on a solution!
I stooped and picked it up, testing the heavy weight in my palm.  “Look me in the eyes, Brigham,” I said.  He blinked rapidly, but tore his gaze from the gun.  “I’m not going to shoot you, or even threaten to shoot you.  That’s not how I work.”  I glanced at Benjamin.  “Anymore.”
AMZi x x x x x

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