Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Because of the rain, I had to take some long-distance shots of the new roses....

 After all that writing yesterday, I was thoroughly excited for Ch. 7 but haven't been able to translate that excitement into actual work.  Too bad! :)  For me, the most challenging thing about writing during the school year is not finding time to WRITE but finding time to THINK.  Because in order for a scene to be written on paper, it needs to take shape in my mind.  I need to have a little 30-minute pow-wow with myself and start asking myself questions...

"Does he mutiny or blackmail him?  No, he TRIES to blackmail him, and that doesn't work.  So he mutinies.  But is he going for total control, or only Velocitas to betray them?  Total control, but that doesn't work, so he'll take the Velocitas and..."

Q and A just like that.  "Why does he want this?  What does he try first?  How on EARTH does she end up on board?  And what in the world will we do with Davies and Brigham?  How can I manage to make Ewings flog someone?"  If you barge in on me during one of these sessions, well, let's just say I've gotten some really weird looks in the past.

Me :: *happily explaining to some writerly friends*  I've stabbed two or three people already!

The Ginger Who Happens To Be Walking Past :: *mortified stare* Oh My Quesodilla!  *hurries back to Spanish class*

Stuff like that. :)  Anyway.  So I know it's coming, as always, it just needs a little time to congeal.  Yeah.  So far what I have is ::

Ch 7

Ta Da!  *bows*  Ah well.
AMZi x x x x x


  1. *roars with laughter* Yeah, that was hilarious... *pats Ginger* Poor guy, he must think you're a serial killer now. We rawk at scaring people off.


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