Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's been dodgy round here lately...seems like one minute I'm crazy busy with all this stuff hanging over my head, and  the next, I'm sitting around with nothing to do!  Company coming, going.  Writing and then thinking and putting off and then making myself write again.  Abruptly running out of my rack of books to read (AAAH!!!  *instant shiftlessness*).  Suddenly remembering that I'm supposed to have a Bourree memorized by this morning... *cough* hope my violin teacher isn't reading! :P  Trying to figure out what to take, what not to, how to SURVIVE two weeks without my simple comforts...

One being music.  I am so dead here.  I'm taking the guitar conmigo pero no puedo tomar my iPod.  I keep catching myself saying, Oh, it's okay, I'll be fine, if I get upset, I'll just listen to that one--no.  No, I won't.  AAAHHH!  

Remember that post from day before yesterday, I think?  I hope they have leafy trees in Colorado.  I hope they have big sunny skies.  Dorothy, you won't be in Kansas anymore!  

So I've been making lists.  Don't get me wrong :: I make lists all the blooming time.  I make lists every day, for multiple reasons.  I usually have a master list, utilizing good old pen and paper, with checkboxes and everything I have to/want to get done that day.  I love checking them off!  If I forget to add something and I do it, I will actually add it after the fact just so I can check it off...  Yeah, I get that look a lot.  :)  

And I keep tucking away little things, adding things to lists or to the Bag of Awesomeness (aaahhh!  Did I mention yesterday that it is GREEN?????).  Things that I KNOW will completely change my mood from terrible to amazing...  Like this book ::

This.  Book.  Is. Amazing!!!  A brill friend gave it to me a few years ago (after I kept trying to steal her copy...always found out by the un-suppress-able laughter...rats) and ever since, it's the one thing I can count on to make me completely forget to be mad/sad/whatever.  I will laugh out loud (very loud) no matter how many times I've read a particular sentence.  Take this for example ::
"An angry Martin Luther nailed ninety-five theocrats to a church door.  The Pope's response was to declare Luther hereditary." 
Noooo, Pope, you don't say??  Watch out for his children!!
"Calvinists were the only ones who believed in pre-detonation.  It is not surprising that their preaching consisted mainly of dogmatic explosions."
You have got to be kidding!!  That is a genius thought it up as a joke, instead of a mistake on a term paper!!  Oh, and I am very much a Calvinist, if it sounds like a disrespectful joke.  It's just hilarious!

Oh, and some AMAZING unintentional French jokes.  (Sorry, Frenchies, nothing personal really, I just...yeah...grrr...haha)
"The Quebec Act was an Intolerable Act because it would have required Americans to learn French in school."
"Another problem was that France was full of French people."
Ohhhh, that explains EVERYTHING!  XD

If I don't stop, I'll go on forever!  WARNING :: Not all of the book is exactly PG... Heh heh.  Mainly misspellings of inconvenient terms...  You have been warned.

But everything's kind of winding down before it winds up, if that makes any sense... Two more days!
AMZi x x x x x  


  1. Isn't that a great book!!!!!!!

  2. *DIES laughing* Thanks for sharing...that was incredibly funny and I needed a laugh! XD

    Janie x x xx x

  3. Hmm, sounds familiar...:P "Another problem was that France was full of French people." Haha...

    Colorado is least in fall. Surely spring/summer won't be that different? And the mountains...


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