Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Boat...

In that dreadful in-between time, when you've realized you NEED a cup of tea, and you've put the kettle on, but now you've got to wait for it to BOIL (ugh!  I'm an American and I want instantaneous gratification! *pouts*  Haha) I sat down at the piano to play a Tarantella.  By Edward McDowell.  Save. Us. All.  It's FRIGHTFUL!  It is SO annoying when I can see these "great" composers utilizing cheap amateur tricks that I myself recall using!  Only, at age 8, not as a world-renowned composer.  Hmph.  So then I had to go play a DIFFERENT Tarantella by Mendelssohn which entirely made up for it.  Ha.

But now I've got my tea, and maybe the headache will dissipate.  Have had a headache all day-ish, but I will say it was not particularly alleviated by the following activity....

I've commissioned el hermano, the one and only, the same one who modeled my sword, to model my ship.  This ship has been sailing the seas of my imagination for about...3 or 4 years.  It's my personal ship from my pirating days (which, if you ask me in public, I will loudly denounce and deny) and I lent it to my villain, Sacar, for my book Averill.  If you've read Averill you may have noticed that I made it through the entire novel without actually saying the name of Sacar's ship.  That's because my ship has no name.  She never has.

(Oooh!  Note the sharply raked bow and all them jibs!  She could practically be classified as a clipper, for her shape and length, and all the cloth she carries....  Except for the shallow draft...but that's good for maneuverability.  A tertiary clipper, then!)

I gather it sounds strange to say "my pirating days" and "my ship" as if it were all real....  It's really just occurred to me.  How odd.  I guess I've always talked like that... my imaginary friends, imaginary possessions, and imaginary exploits have always been chatted openly about with el hermano and mis amigos.  "But I have a boat," I'll say, perfectly straight-faced.  Hmmm.  I AM odd!  :)

Anyhow, you've no IDEAR how blooming hard it is to actually map out everything you already know about your ship.  Himmel it took me upwards of an hour!  But it's worth it, to finally have her all out on paper after all this time.  I do love the sea.  I would ask for suggestions for a once-and-for-all name for her, but in the past I've never really heeded suggestions.  No one will know her the way I do, so it's probably a waste of time to offer a name, unless you have a really amamzing sudden inspiration. :)  But go ahead anyway.

On a completely unrelated note, have you ever been called a "wiseacre"?  Get this :: It has absolutely nothing to do with wisdom OR land measurements!  It actually comes from a Middle Dutch word, wijssegger, which means "one who feigns knowledge or cleverness" or "an insolent upstart."  Is. That. Not. AMAMZING?  I love it.  I almost want to BE a wijssegger just to BE one!....Okay, not really. :)

Ik ben wijssegger!


  1. Got a boat, have you? From your pirating days, you say? Well... I have a space cruiser. From my Star Wars days. And I'm pretty sure it's shinier than your boat. XD

    "Forty-gunner! She must do twelve knots under full sail..."

  2. Woah, that's awesome! (Though I can't believe you lent your boat to your villain...doesn't sound like the safest thing to me...)

    Thought I'd also say I laughed out loud at the paragraph starting with "I gather it sounds strange to say "my pirating days" and "my ship" as if it were all real.... It's really just occurred to me." I hear you! (Though it's more in the way of characters-turned-imaginary-friends to me. :))

    You should so try and get her built some day...wouldn't that be awesome?!

  3. Yeah, I can't say I recommend lending things to villains... don't always get them back in the original condition, do we now?...


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