Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ugh, I am so ready to be done!  Done with everything!  I'd like to vanish for a good six weeks' time, off to a little hermitage somewhere.  That does sound nice.  And yet, oddly, I'll probably take everything I'm avoiding with me anyway!  I can't go without a piano or guitar... I must have a dozen books at least... I ought to take something edifying to study... and some Spanish literature... and of course my knitting!  Well, I might as well do all of that right here, yes?

Mainly I want to escape finals.  Everything has been easing off lately and nurturing my Spring Fever, and now everything is culminating this week!  Socorro!!  But actually, I'm on top of it.  I hope.  Ha.

Anyhow, I sit down to study or write a composicion or review my trig identities, and something always thwarts me!  A new blog that needs reading, or I do something incredibly stupid like pick up the guitar.  

In the blog case, the culprit is this blog, and in the guitar case, you have a guitar.  Hahaha, get it?  Case?  Sorry.  In the guitar situation, you have a song called Craigie Hill.  'Nuff said.  :)

Having a bit of a cold snap lately.  Weather is so strange.  A lot of nice quiet rain, too.  Which I enjoy.  It was so chilly last night, the garden blanket had to migrate up from the foot of the bed!

And I'm looking forward to when this project is done so I can use it.  Although it WOULD be the sort of project in which the further along you go, the longer it takes to go further!

And I've been doing a lot of prop designing and sketching and mapping and watching my lovely brig take shape on la pantalla de la computadora del hermano.  

Also, finding myself wishing I were really bi-lingual.  Aurora from the blog above speaks Swedish and PERFECT English.  I speak English and sufferable Spanish.  And small amounts of German, though I understand much more than I speak.  I speak Latin, but that doesn't do me much good, yes?  :)  I long to learn a Norther European tongue backwards and forwards.  That would be lovely.

So I'm promptly going to get distracted from writing this post...oh, *sniff*  I smell food cooking!   Ta!
AMZi x x x x x


  1. Well I would miss you if you disappeared you are ------ refreshing!
    Kindest Regards Linda
    PS I would like to speak 1 foreign language properly

  2. *is the Queen of Distraction* *knows how Amzi feels*


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