Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Outdoor Pictures

Lately things have been pretty interesting...  Lots to think about, lots to do and look up and research and write in multiple languages.  Lots of outdoor Garage-Pong playing to do (brill game invented by el padre) and lots of backyard swing sitting to do.  Lots of pictures to be taking, but no batteries to be putting into the camera!  Here are a few I managed to squeak out of these old batteries today.  I drove home, dropped all my stuff, grabbed the LGM, and went outdoors to snap a bit in the lovely lighting.

My head is always spinning a little after a long day out of the house.  My hermitage and equilibrium are equally disturbed.  It's fun while it lasts...but I always return a little loopy. :)  Today is just the day to go outdoors and listen to some good country music, soak up the green of the grass, and refuse to worry about a single thing.

AMZi x x x x x


  1. Its a fabulous time of year to see everything growing so fast and colourful - so tempting to capture on camera, which you've done very well.


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