Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week contains evening sunlight and lots of quiet thinking going on.  It also involves yet another one of those crafty-world "fads" that I swore I'd never fall for... bunting.  Well, sort of.  Not yet, anyway.  My subconscious must be on a garlandy-type-thingie rail.  

Also a great chance to showcase some smaisin knitting needles made for Yours Truly by Yours Truly's hermano.  They just so happen to be a size 11, and feature this number proudly on their little rubber caps, which were nabbed off of something important while it wasn't looking.  :)

I'm usually such a multi-tasker, go-go-go, buckle down and get-'er-done person, and lately I'm in such a rut!  I'd rather just sit and think, and think, and think!  I suppose there could be worse obsessions, yes?  Ah well.  I'm positively exhausted now, and even a weak brew isn't brightening me up, so this'll be a short post.  

And you thought I would refrain from a mathish comment today!  Don't you know Wednesdays better than that?  I learned some Calculus today!  Integration, plus finding the area of a triangle the calculus way before extrapolating it to find area of wackier shapes... where'd you go?  Ah well. :P

AMZi x x x x x 


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