Friday, April 9, 2010

Echos Art Jewelry

Warning :: Shameless plugs ahead.  Don't worry, these lovely people deserve them! :)

So, anyhow, yesterday afternoon a smallish package arrived for me in the mail!  *cheers*  It was taped up like the crown jewels, and its contents could probably challenge those crown jewels in stunning-ness.  [begin Shameless Plug 01]  It's a Labrodorite Wire-Wrapped Pendant from Echos Art and it's awesome! [end Shameless Plug 01]  Shipping was timely, service was very pleasant, nothing but stars for Lisa!  [begin Shameless Plug 02]  Now, where I got it was I won it on this chulo blog which was very exciting! [end Shameless Plug 02]  

Check out this absolutely ripping pic!  I love how the camera focused on the reflection rather than the pendant itself!!

And [begin Shameless Plug 03] I went to see How To Train Your Dragon and it was blooming AWESOME!  [end Shameless Plug 03]  Okay, mostly.  Mainly I was antsy since I'd heard of it because of moral orientation issues (as in, you should have DRAGONS as good guys).  And then there is the whole things about "Vikings" having distinctly Irish/Scottish accents (depending on the charrie) but that probably won't bother anyone except me... :P  But I think, the deal is, if you recognize that moral orientation is not... oriented properly...  I don't think it shouldn't stop you from seeing it.  It doesn't claim to be a Christian movie, and in a secular culture of film and literature, it's hard to avoid.  There's still good:vs:evil as always.  The thing is a secular author can't write a book about sorcery, for example, without using "good" sorcery on the hero's side, because otherwise it's entirely unrealistic and unbelievable.  Your villains have to have their power (as in skill, not necessarily magic or something) and so do your heroes, or your story is squat.  In a culture where they don't want you to have God be your hero's power, what are they left with?  So my point is, recognizing it is half the battle, IMHO.  I still can appreciate an interesting premise, or amazing craftsmanship, without buying into their moral orientation.

Spiel over.  The Movie Rocked.  Very few stupid jokes (and those were even pretty darn innocent), INCREDIBLE visual treat, great charrie development, including a very realistic (and painful) father-son-misunderstanding-relationship.  Very very well done, if a little predictable at points.  Hilarious, and quotable.  Warning :: Seriously adorable dragon will elicit audible squeals, and dazzling flight sequences will elicit audible yelps.  Duct-tape is advised.  :)

Later, y'all!
AMZi x x x x x

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