Thursday, April 8, 2010

It Feel's Like I'm Falling...

...And that's what it's like to Believe...

The future's looking so much brighter....  Do away with Dread, start walking by faith.  The sovereignty of God is such a comfort, you know?  No matter what happens, I know this :: He's got me Exactly Where He Wants Me.  I know I wobble from time to time, and get bogged down in worry about what I'm supposed to be doing, or that I've "missed the boat" in one way or another.  That I'm behind, I lost a chance, I closed a door.

But none of that is true.  If I closed a door, it was meant to be closed.  I'm not behind because there is no behind.  I didn't lose a chance that wasn't mine to take.  Yes, we go through the agony and stress and hair-tearing wondering as we make our decisions, or choose our paths, or wait for an outcome.  That's because we're finite little human beings, and we can't see the end result or the big picture.  The point is He Can.

And we should not have to bear the agony and stress, because we know who's in control.  And thank God it ain't me!  We should approach our choices and decisions from a platform of prayer, and logic.  I do believe quietly and composedly sitting down and logically assessing the options is used as a tool of God.

But I'm the first to admit that that's not always possible.  Like I said, I'm not above stressing out and panicking and wanting to quit every darn thing that confronts me!  At least I know this, no matter what happens, There Is No Regret.

I will Never Regret taking one chance, or NOT taking another one.  Looking back, I can always say, "Yes, that was the Right Decision."  I believe God's will is immutable and inevitable.  Ergo, all of the world's "Missed callings," "Should Have's,"  "Could Have Been's," and "If Only's" are lies.

Everything rests in His Hands.  We are free to move Forward.  No Regret.  No Fear.  Stand Fast.
AMZi x x x x x

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  1. Thanks, AMZi!!

    That's just what I needed to hear. :)

    ~Pippin X X X X

  2. Since I'm second, I guess I'll just say ditto on that. Thanks. :) My particular hurdle is feeling behind...


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