Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Hull...

It's amamzing how quickly it's taking shape!  She's called the Forewarned and she'll carry 12 guns when she's finished.  A crew of 100, including Captain, cook, mate, and quartermaster.  Two masts, square-sailed, plus a trysail and a total of four jibs.  Weather deck, gun deck, foredeck, quarterdeck, and hold.  Medium draft, sharply raked bow.  Fantastic maneuverability.

She's still being developed as far as the details go.  The masts will be the next to go in.  Then capstan, pump, bell, forepeak and bowsprit, stern details, lanterns, helm.  You can't see them, but we do have bunks in the captain's cabin and the mates' cabin just forward of it.  Also a couple of seachests already.  I'm being told I need a swivel-gun, but I refuse.  

This is the status as of now.  We have a ladder down into the gun deck and hold, ladders to the quarterdeck, railings (modifications coming) and steps down to the for'd cabin.  No rudder yet, that's in the works.  Just look at her lines!  She's gorgeous.  I'm thrilled, I tell you!!

And also for another reason.  At long last, I have a real story.  One I'm writing to save my life.  One I HAVE to write.  I KNEW I had to return to the sea!  I KNEW I wouldn't be able to write fantasy ever again!  I JUST KNEW IT!  I knew I had to wait and something would come.  And it did, hit me square between the eyes in the shower this morning.  What is it with showers and inspiration?  Came practically in a tidy package with a gift-bow on top.  No homeworking for me, this time, I'm plunging straight in!  I'm 1,683 words into Chapter 1 now, and I'm only pausing long enough to write this before I go back into the fray.

'“Dear Edward,” I heard my mother dictate.  “When you receive this, I will be dead, and you have killed me.”
                My heartbeat faltered and I felt coldness enter my chest.  Staggering backwards, I knocked a candle from a table to the floor.  The wax stick struck the ground with a wet thwack and before the doctor could open the door, I disappeared.'

Ahhh, it's good to be on the sea again.
AMZi x x x x x


  1. Sweetness! That's awesome...well, both are, but I mean the story. I'm biased that way. ;)

  2. Ditto. XD Can't wait to see the finished... well... either of them!


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