Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Report, Continued

The Sightseeing Report!

The Air Force Academy!  Dude, the highlight for me was the chapel.  It's amazing!

Architecture, what?  So cool!

I love how it reminds me of a paper airplane... folded and stuff.  Fitting, yes?

Organ...woah... *in shock*

I like this shot. :)

I also saw the Olympic Training Center.  This was somewhere just inside the front door....  The cool thing is, at that elevation, the balls go about 3 ft higher than they would normally, so the gym ceiling is WAY up there!

We drove up to the top of Pike's Peak.... the summit itself was under cloud cap, so we couldn't see anything from the very top, but we were literally in the middle of a cloud!  Which was cool.  :)

I love the sky and the lakes up that high....

Quite a view!

And this little guy we met at a lodge about 7 miles up I believe... must be completely tamed by visitors because he walked right by the car and sat down to pose for us!

There you have it... I still have pictures from the park to show y'all though, so we'll continue in this vein tomoz!
AMZi x x x x x

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