Monday, June 28, 2010


Hahaha, I've caught it.  I neeeeeed to knit something.  And at present, it's looking like that something will be a jumper...sweater...cardigan.  Whatever you call it.  That's what I mean by jumper.

I've been surfing the interwebz for free patterns, all the while half-griping because I hate patterns.  So many of them annoy me.  And almost all of them are too...wide? for me.  Not politically correct term, I'm sure.  Whatever.  But I have found some I like--or at least I like the idea of them...

beauty shot

This one I like, but I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's the ukulele I actually like...

This one I like a lot... no buttons, simple lines... garter stitch. *cough* 

Can't show the picture for this one, but lose the stripes, and I like the shape of it.


Kind of like this one but it requires circular needles, which I have a phobia of buying. :P

Lose the flowers on this and I like it too.  I'm finding I'm liking the closer-fitting ones, or else ones that hang straight rather than just bulking everywhere.

This one I love... ditching the version with faux gold braid, but it keeps the nautical feel.  Love. It.

I think I like this one , though it may be just the color.  Problem being I don't think I could pull it off, with that low closure and all.  

I like how comfortable this looks, but it'd be IMMENSE on me.  It's a tending-toward-looseness type anyhow!

This one's really what I had in mind... the straight collar/edge thing, button-less, etc.  

So!  Thoughts?  Opinions?  As if I have any money whatsoever to be spending on yarn, *laughter* I know.  But I like to look around... I also kinda want to try my hand at this but... I've never been a hat-wearer, and I'm proud of it.  And it has NOTHING whatever to do with claustrophobia... *nods like crazy*  Of course not.  Heh.  Tight spaces all of me can fit in give me a thrill, actually, but wearing a hat or helmet that boxes off my peripheral vision drives me bonkers.  That style isn't in my way though, so I'm not sure... we'll see!

AMZi x x x x x

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  1. personal favorite is the first one. I also like the 2nd (the simple*cough*one), 5th(the closer fit minus the flowers), and 6th(nautical) option.



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