Friday, June 18, 2010


Time for another update on the progress of my shipbuilding!  Rather, the building of MY ship by el hermano who is savvy.  Check it out!

Dude!  Masts, bowsprit, dude!  And you can't see it (poor you) but my cannons are actually fully modeled and historically accurate.  *nods*  The water/sky contrast is a nice touch, yes?

This rocks my socks.  El hermano, being savvy, but not ALL-savvy, wasn't sure how to pull this off, but he did!  I love how you can see the flash of red from the bunk inside. :)  Yes, yes, brill, don't I know it!

Today I'm hoping to buckle down to another area of my "real life," that being writing...  So far I've acclimated back to laundry, reading a lot, room-tidying (as in, actually having materials in said room to tidy, rather than living conveniently out of a 4 sq. ft. suitcase!) and my piano.  Still need to get back into the swing of violin and writing.  And get my schedule under control.  I never sleep past 7 am, and lately I've been rolling out of bed around 9!  Siiiiigh.  Ah well.  We'll get there.  Eventually. :)

So I'll type up what parts of Ch 8 I wrote while on my trip, and then we'll see about some actual action!  
AMZi x x x x x

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