Saturday, June 26, 2010


I haven't really been crafting at all since coming home...that's one part of my old life I just haven't reopened.  But yesterday I did whip up something tiny.  And I mean TINY.

Actually, a little girl I was babysitting had an actual pair of earrings that looked like ladybugs.  I thought that was brill, but I didn't know where to get them (and I don't spend money--it hurts!) so I decided to make some myself.

All I did was take a pair of those crystal surgeon's steel studs you can get 6 of for like $2.  I happened to have two pairs of basically the same thing--medium "diamond" looking studs.  Using one pair, and some of my eons-old Sculpey clay, I modeled the ladybugs.  Stabbed the posts through a piece of paper into a teased cotton ball, so they'd stand up while baking.  Baked for only 5 minutes and that was it!  Super easy.  And I love the result. :)

AMZi x x x x x

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  1. SOO cute!

    ...I'm back, by the way. :D

    ~Pip :)


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