Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Report, Concluded

Really this post is just an excuse to use the pics I took at the park.  There's a great big park just a little ways away from Summit, and three times a week we'd go there for the afternoon.  Volleyball nets would be set up, games of soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, you name it!  Plus a lot of jam sessions in the shade.  Time to catch up on reading and for some of us, sleeping!

 And they had swings! :)

And tennis... see, the closest I've come to playing tennis in the recent past has been Garage Pong...which is a completely different sport!  So, not knowing how to hold a racket, much less SWING it, I set off to play tennis.  Ha ha.  Wipe that look off your face.

Actually, though it looks like I abandoned the sport in favor of snapping macro shots, I did play!  What's more, I hit the ball!  What's MORE, the other time I played, I hit the ball in more or less the right direction (some of the time).  Ah well.  I had a lot of fun, which is saying something for someone who avoids round sporting objects like... *shudder* balls!

Behind the park they had some real nice trails, which I only ventured into once on our last park day, which I'm sorry about because they were lovely.  The red flower picture in my first report was taken there.  And the yuccas were blooming.  They also have this epic stuff in Colorado called spear-grass.  Let's just say it's pretty darn awesome and leave it at that.... heh heh.

Readjustment is rough. I felt great there, probably because the elevation raised my pathetically low blood pressure (like, I could stand up without passing out).  I like Kansas, but I miss the mountains, and the red roads, and the lack of humidity and mosquitoes!  Ah well.  This is real life, not that, but I'll do anything to get back there next year!  Everything about that place was so amazing....

AMZi x x x x x

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