Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off Again

Here I am, FINALLY getting around to posting after like 3 days...just in time to say, "So long, mates" before we dash off on a road trip for a week.  Timing, yes?  Brilliant.

I have been holding off posting only because the LGM was out of batteries and not taking any pictures, and I'm stingy and don't like to spend money on things that run out.  Like batteries.  So, we had a problem there.  But yesterday, I bought a set of rechargable batteries and the charger, so the camera is in business again!

Update Number One :: I did make that hat I was telling you about.  And I do like it.  I can't believe I can pull off a hat.  It's making me adventurous, though I have gotten the hippie label now.  No one will let me wear it out (which is all right since it's usually upward of 90 degrees in the heat) because I "look like I'm from Manitou Springs."  Well, I kinda am, recently! :P

And I'm sooo savvy I can read and study and listen to music and crochet at the same time!

Or maybe not... frogging...


Update Number Two :: I did say adventurous, didn't I?  Well, how adventurous?  Stripes!

I was wanting some darkish red to go in with the lot to make it really all the nautical colors, but it's not to be. :P  And that would make it hard to carry the colors up.  I really really hate changing colors with knots and any other way.  So I just leave the blue yarn hanging off to the side and pick up the white yarn loosely, and knit two rows with it.  And vice versa.  So much easier!

Update Number Three :: For my birthday, I got this!!! and this!!! and they are woooondeeerfuuulll!  Buy them and play them!  You will love them!

So goodbye for a week, maybe longer...
AMZi x x x x x


  1. The hat is SOOO cute! :)
    Where did you get the pattern?

    I already have "this" and "this" and I LOVE them too! :D

    Have fun on your trip!


  2. I know you have the second "this", Pip, cuz I was thare when you bought it. Muaa. *iz ninja*


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