Thursday, July 15, 2010

Waves of Stripes

Wrong side...

Right side...

And during my knitting, I'm listening to Focus on the Family's new radio drama, The Screwtape Letters.  It's FANTASTIC, so much easier to grasp in this form than in the actual book form.  Definitely recommended!

Got a lot on my mind lately but very little of it is able to be put into words.  I'm also reading Just Six Numbers, which is an amazing book.  Mind-boggling.  I like to jump into that mindset and just think about it, but take it to a different place.  For the author, it's a huge "what are the odds" or a huge "multiverse potential," but I find those far fetched.  He almost sounds like he's arguing against his own view--that everything that exists is a product of random chance.  I see these incredible numbers and mind-blowing concepts, and say, "Wow.  And this is just the Creation.  You want mind-blowing?  Wait till you see the Creator."

AMZi x x x x x

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