Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Updates

Hey y'all!

Hope you're having a nice day, with lots of sunshine.  Boy, I'll tell you, sunshine does me in!  I'm cool with all kinds of weather, really, I adore fog and rain, and thunderstorms, and snow, and even that peculiar grey November sky with the black tree branches against it... but you keep the sun Behind Closed Doors for too long and I go BONKERS.  ComPLETEly batty.  So, this sunshine's come Just In Time and Life Is Good once again!

Icicles all gone!  They were little lumps yesterday, not meriting a picture, but here's the branch bare for reference.  Now we start coaxing it into bud and flower and leaf.... It is a charming twig, pressed up against the window like it is, trying to come inside with me.  We'll be seeing more of him.  :)  This tree is a redbud, though more of a white-bud, if you see what I mean, and it puts out these vivid green little scaly buds, and then blossoms into tiny white flowers that the house sparrows love to chew up and spit out (????).  Ah well.  It's a nice tree--the only suitable climbing tree available!

Check this out :: Told you I was fast!

The Warm-Colors set of squares is finished.  I like how the green will tie between the Warm Colors and the Cool Colors in the finished blanket.

*HUGE GASP!*  Did you hear that???  *claps hands over mouth*  How unceremonious!  The Granny Secret is OUT!!!  Yes, yes, I confess.  I am working on a Granny Square Blanket.  These Warm Color squares and the Cool Color squares will be cobbled together into a sort of--what I call--"Windowpanes" pattern.  Two of each to a larger block.  You might be able to see this if you click on the paper in that other post and look at it full size.

Let's put the two sets of squares together and see how they get along, shall we?

Well, I like them.  I think they're jolly.  And that's Something, because I've never made an afghan before with colors that I like and choose myself.  I've been restricted strictly to Scrap Afghans.  And though they're still crochetery and ergo Lovely, they are not Amzi.  Know what I mean?  Anyhow!  In joining these to each other, I will be putting another edging round the pinkish ones, and in the course of that row, joining as I go courtesy of Attic24's Brilliance.  Possible problem though :: my Granny technique is slightly different from Lucy's, but we'll all hope for the best and frog [[rip out crochet]] when we don't get it. :)  I remain optimistic.

This was my very very first-ever doily made, involving teeny tiny crochet hook and teeny tiny thread and a big, beautiful pattern book.  Since then, I've made many, and enjoy them immensely.  But wait.  There is a downside to prolific crafting...  I am faced with The Situation:
I have many many many pretty doilies...and not enough Surface Area to display them on!!!
So I moved that one out to the hall table, where Padre (who apparently has not yet noticed the, oh, five or six of these scattered around) discovers it and proceeds to GUSH.  Seriously. I must say it DID make me pretty happy!  So I showed him the others (which are all much better than that one) and he suggested that I might frame one or all of them, and so solve The Situation.  I'm not exactly sure...  If anybody out there is reading this (then <3 <3 <3 to you) please comment and tell me what you think.  I have an issue with sticking crochetery into a glass (prison) picture frame, but it does sound nice....  With a dark background, they'd really pop!

Ah well.  I've been informed Cambridge is "completely superior in every way" to Oxford.  Eh?  We'll just have to see!  May have to take that up with Whoever's In Charge of such matters and see just exactly where I'd like to go.  Think of it :: a Yank in her junior year studying Across The Pond.  Can you beat it??

So long mates!  Must run now!
AMZi x x x x x x


  1. LOVE the wonderful afghan squares! I think the warm and cool colors get along nicely. :)
    I'm sure you'll post a pic of the finished piece.

    Regarding the doilies, I think choosing one that you especially like and framing it is a good idea. It IS artwork, after all.

    Cambridge??!! Perhaps the college is superior, but I say America, and friends, and family trump that. But, now I've over-stepped my boundaries. Please forgive. What, specifically, do you want to study?

  2. Not that you would ever think of checking such an ancient post for comments... but... I have a solution to your doily problem.



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