Monday, February 22, 2010

Here We Go!

Hey y'all! (Yeah, get used to that for a greeting.)

Thanks to the (brilliant, refreshing, exhilarating) Lucy at Attic 24, I have been ITCHing to start my own blog.  I love the way putting your daily thoughts on paper makes you think about things... The Little Things.  And I get riDICulously excited about The Little Things.  So anyhow.  Here's what to expect from Here On Out:

  • Notes on how pathetically happy I am about certain weather
  • Photos and patterns and descriptions of my latest fiber art projects 
  • The books I happen to be reading right now (and my opinions on these)
  • Excerpts and teasers from whatever novel I'll be working on at the time
  • Numerous quotes, idioms, and sayings
  • Various words, sentences, or even whole paragraphs in other languages (because that's how I think--all in wonky bits, yes--but rest assured, I will include translations!)

I'm looking forward to this, really.  I keep seeing little things around and about in my life and thinking, "Wish I had a blog, because I would post about THAT, or THAT, or maybe THAT because... it makes me happy!"  At present, the pics will be slow in coming, as I don't have a camera of my very own precious, but that will happen soon, I promise!  And then prepare to be inundated.  Wave your hand and holler if you're drowning.  I just might leap into the swirl of jpgs and fish you out. :P

As for the name of my blog: amAMZIng!  Obviously, I go by Amzi. Amamzing is a word coined and used by my friends to describe my various hazanas (heroic feats).  I think it has that fresh snap, like a shot of cold air in through a window.  Fierce.  Gripping.  Pure and bracing.  Love it.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this as much as I'm planning on enjoying it!

So long, mates!
AMZi x x x x


  1. I hereby appoint myself as the first person to officially comment on the AmAMZIng blog of Amamzingness. Don't really know why I am... but I am... ah well... :)

  2. Professor of RobinhoodologyFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    I had to find out about this via the forum. *pout*

    And I've been wanting a blog too. >.> I do not know why. Is it a writer thing?


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